Android 5.1.1 Root available for AT&T G Flex 2 update

AT&T G Flex 2 Android 5.1.1 update was released only recently, and thankfully, we already have the root available for the said 5.1.1 update.  That’s pretty fast, but that’s thanks to theLG G4 Root, as the same trick has been brought to G Flex 2 too. Credit for this goes to Sj12345, thanks!

You need to use the rooted system image of the 5.1.1 update, and flash it on your AT&T G Flex 2 (model no. H950) to achieve the root access. Thankfully, the procedure is semi-automated in this case, which saves you lot of time while making it a lot easier too. Don’ttry this root on any other LG device.

How to: Well, if you are still on Android 5.0.1, go back to stock firmware, do not root, and then do a factory reset, and then wait for the 5.1.1 OTA update and install it when you get it. If you are already on Android 5.1.1, then just download the two file provided below, and begin to root using the guide below.

Download the Root System image from here (mirror), and the root tool form here (mirror). Then, extract both the files into separate folders. Transfer the rootsystem.img file to root tools folder where you have files like adb.exe, etc.

Make sure you have the ADB and Fastboot driver installed. And also the LG driver.

Now, double click on the file, Root Your Phone.bat, to start the rooting procedure. Follow the instructions on the command windows that opens up, and you should be able to root your device soon enough.

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