Android 4.0.4 for Galaxy S2 i9100: Flash the F1 GalaxyNexus ROM

Google recently released the Android 4.0.4 sources (along with the 4.0.4 update for the Galaxy Nexus), which brought along performance and stability improvements. Recognized XDA developer Faryaab has built an Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0.4 ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S2 that gives you a stock Android experience as found on the Nexus, without Samsung’s custom TouchWiz UI to mess things up (for those who don’t like it).

The ROM also takes sources from Cyanogenmod, so expect the same bugs and issues as found in CM9 to be present in this ROM. The developer has said that he will update the ROM regularly as and when CM9 development moves ahead, so keep an eye on this one.

Read on to find out how you can install the F1 GalaxyNexus ROM on your Galaxy S2.


This ROM and the guide below are compatible only and only with the Samsung Galaxy S2, model number i9100. It’s not compatible with any other device. Check your device model in Settings » About phone.


The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt anything if you don’t know completely what it is. If any damage occurs to your device, we won’t be held liable.

ROM Info

Developer → Faryaab

Known Issues:

  • TV Out: not working properly
  • Phone Encryption: not working

Pre-Installation Requirements

  • Important! A Galaxy S2 with ClockworkMod recovery (CWM) installed.
  • This procedure will wipe all your apps, data and settings (but it will NOT touch your SD cards, so don’t worry about those). Backup your Apps and important data — bookmarks, contacts, SMS, APNs (internet settings), etc. This Android backup guide would help you.
  • Sufficiently charged battery, at least 50% is recommended.

How to Install F1 GalaxyNexus ROM

  1. Download the latest version of the ROM from the official development page.
  2. Download the Google Apps package. This will install apps like Market, Gmail, etc. which are not present in the ROM by default.
    Download Link  |  Filename:
  3. Transfer the downloaded zip files from step 1 and step 2 to the internal SD card on the phone.
  4. Turn off the phone and boot into Clockworkmod recovery. For this, press and hold these 3 buttons together until the screen turns on: Volume UP + Home + Power. Phone will boot into CWM recovery. Use volume keys to scroll up and down between options and power key to select an option.
  5. Perform a Nandroid Backup of your existing ROM, so that you can always restore it from recovery if something does not work out with this ROM. To perform a backup, select Backup and Restore –> On the next screen, select Backup again. Go back to main recovery menu after backup is complete.
  6. Select wipe data/factory reset, then select Yes on next screen to confirm. Wait a while till the data wipe is complete.
  7. Select install zip from sdcard, then select choose zip from sdcard. Scroll to the ROM file on the SD card and select it. Confirm installation by selecting Yes – Install on the next screen. The ROM will start installing.
  8. After the ROM finishes installing, select go back to go back to the main recovery menu.
  9. Now repeat step 7, but this time select the Google apps package file to install the Google apps package.
  10. After the installation is complete, select go back then select reboot system now to reboot the phone.

The F1 GalaxyNexus Android 4.0.4 based custom ROM is now installed on your Galaxy S2 i9100. Visit the original development page for more info and to get the latest updates on the ROM. Share your thoughts on the ROM in the comments.

  • joseph nnonie

    still 2.3.6 in malaysia, waiting for 4.0.3 

  • Ifii94

    super smooth rom. Great work. Q: how can i remove some screen there are 5 screens n i want 1 or 2 

    • Go to any home screen. Long press (tap and hold) on any blank space on home screen and when you get a list of options, select Nova Actions, then Show Previews. A shortcut will be created, tap on Show Previews to get all home screens in view. Now, long press and drag to X to remove the home screen you don’t want. That’s how Nova Launcher works, would have been easy if pinch feature worked here on home screen… anyway, a good launcher.

  • dverwoert

    Wonderful ROM installed easy and then it automatically downloaded and installed all of my apps. 
    The only minor thing that I had to do was add my carrier’s APN info but unable to get 3G service.

    • Eduardopelota15

      how do you do it because i install it but i can use my data can you help me please.!!!!

      • dverwoert

        I just followed the instructions provided above and it worked the first time but I have not been able to get my 3G service using this ROM.

        • Insert APN settings of your carrier in mobile and networks settings.

  • Phil

    Help! I can’t find all my files. I don’t think I deleted them because my storage is used. I also don’t have My Files, Videos Alps installed. There is also no USB mode. Help asap please 🙁

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  • dmczs

    Thanks, works like a charm. took about 15 mins to complete.

  • hello i really want this rom on my phone but there is a but does internal sd card mean internal storage because i downloaded this followed the steps and it said install from external sd card

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