[Guide] Update Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Android 3.2 with P7500 XWKK4 Firmware

A new firmware, P7500XWKK4, juts leaked out — it’s for Samsung Galaxy Tab (WiFi+3G versions) and brings the Android 3.2 update for tabs. It’s for only those Galaxy tabs whose model number is P7500, and not for P7510 or any other model number. So, before grabbing the download link or anything, make sure your Galaxy Tab’s model no. is P7500, under settings.

The XWKK4 Android 3.2 firmware needs to be flashed using Odin3 v1.85, and obviously, not from ClockWorkMod recovery.

Although the Android 3.2 from Samsung’s department, although in leaked form, is pretty good news to hear, even more great thing we came to know today is that Galaxy Tab 10.1 might get CyanogenMod 9 (CM9)with Ice Cream Sandwich, soon. Maybe in just a matter of days.

Check the guide below to upgrade your galaxy Tab 101.1 — that with P7500 model no. — to Android 3.2

Warning: Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We wont be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.


  1. Make sure you’ve the drivers installed. If not, download the Kies from here, and install the Kies software which will install drivers.
  2. Download the XWKK4 firmware. Password: sampro.pl
  3. Extract it to get its content which be a .tar file and some other files.
  4. Download Odin3 v1.85. Then, extract it to get these two required files – Odin3 v1.85.exe and Odin3.ini. Do NOT delete the .ini file since it’s required too. When asked in step 6 below, open Odin by double clicking on the Odin3 v1.85.exe file.
  5. Disconnect your tablet if it’s connected to PC.  Power it off. Wait 5-6 seconds for vibration to confirm complete switch off.
  6. Now, put the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in Download Mode (also called Odin mode) — press and hold, until Samsung Galaxy logo appears — these keys together: Volume_DOWN+Power.
  7. Wait till you a screen with options to boot into recovery or download )odin) mode.
  8. Press Volume Up key to boot into download mode.
  9. Open Odin (from step 3) — Odin3 v1.85.exe. Admin privileges would be required!
  10. Connect your Galaxy tab 10.1 tablet to PC now. You should get the message “Added! !” under the Odin’s message box in the bottom left. And you should also see COM port with a number in Yellow. If you don’t get this message, than probably there is a problem with drivers. Make sure you’ve the drivers installed!
  11. Select these files in Odin at respective tabs:
  1. Click the PDA Tab, and select the big .tar file here with *code* appearing in its name
  2. Click the Phone Tab, and select file with *modem* in its name (leave if there is no such file)
  3. Click the CSC Tab, and select file with *csc* in its name (leave if there is no such file)
  4. Click the PIT Tab, and select the .pit file. Use only if you got it while extracting in step 3 above, otherwise ignore it.
  • Important! Make sure these 2 checkboxes are selected: Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time. Also, make sure that Re-Partition checkbox is selected only if you are using a .pit file too (in step 11.4). If you didn’t get any .pit file and thus are not using any .pit file, leave the Re-Partition checkbox clear (blank). IF there is a confusion, let us know in comments below, we’ll be sure to help you out.
  • Double check everything said in step 11 and 12 above.
  • Now, hit the START button to begin the flashing process. When it finishes, your tablet will automatically reboot — and you can unplug the cable when Galaxy logo appears. Plus, you’ll get a PASS (with green background) message in the left-most box at the very top of the Odin. If it’s red and with FAIL written over it, the process flashing process wasn’t successful. Try again, and take care to complete the whole process without any break whatsoever.
  • When the tablet has rebooted, check the settings to confirm Android 3.2 OS version.

That’s it. Enjoy!

Root and install ClockWorkMod (CWM) Recovery on Galaxy Tab 10.1 on Android 3.2 (XWKK4 firmware)

Well, for those who wanna root it, a very neat guide on ‘how to root Galaxy Tab 10.1 (both P7500 and P7510)’ has been written by djR3Z. You can follow it from here. It’s got the download link and very clear instructions and everything you’ll need. Do all that said as has been said and your Android 3.2 running Galaxy tab 10.1 will be rooted and clockworkmod recovery installed too.

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  • Kai Osmon

    C’est fantastic!!! Fonctionne comme décrit. Merci beaucoup!

  • Bill

    Thanks so much for this step by step.  I had rooted back when I first got my tab but needed a refresher on how to use ODIN.  Your instructions are clear and concise and worked perfectly.  I updated to 3.2 and did not loose a thing!

  • Aishwarymehta

    uhuuuuu finally…. tnxxxx

  • Aishwarymehta

    my touch screen isnt working but… 🙁 plz help..

    • That’s weird. Try rebooting..

  • Ksaiby

    thank you very much , it was very easy and clear step by step updating ROM to this nice version 3.2 , just i face one missed thing , this new ROM supports viewing arabic but no input keyboard for arabic language ! , is there anyway to add arabic keyboard to the ROM ? or any way install languages in general to P7500? 

  • Soumya Safui

    dere r some prblms in the rom…like its doesnt show the nowplaying music in the small music player….there is an annoying message during start up…which tells to enabe data connection….and some minor bugs….for dose who want a genuine 3.2…i wud suggest dat u wait for sumtym bfore updating ur tab….

  • Murali Veerabhadrappa

    Hi Friends,
    I downloaded the XWKK4 firmware and extracted the content and the extension is “.md5”. How can i extract contents from md5? Please help.

    • No need to extract .tar.md5 file — it has to be flashed using Odin (it’s fully compatible with Odin).

      So, don’t extract it.

    • Murali Veerabhadrappa

      Sorry friends, i figured it 🙂 and thanks so much.

  • Ulrik

    I’m sorry. I just don’t get this. Pehaps it’s to late at night… I find one file extracting the GT-P7500_SEB_P7500XWKK4_P7500OXXKK3_P7500XXKK2.rar file. . . It’s one file called: P7500XWKK4_P7500OXXKK3_P7500XXKK2_HOME.tar.md5…. no other files? No *code* *modem* or anything . .  pleas pleas explain this to me. The tab is as of now dead. . . 

    • Ohh… don’t bother about the code, modem, etc. files. Just select this file — GT-P7500_SEB_P7500XWKK4_ P7500OXXKK3_P7500XXKK2.rar — in PDA tab. If you’ve got .pit file too from the extraction, select that in pit tab. Hit start!

      Remember if you select pit file, re-partition box must be checked. If you are not using pit file, re-partition box must be unchecked. Using pit file us not a must, but should be used if you get it from extraction.

      Hope it helps. Sorry for inconvenience!

      • Ulrik

        Didn’t work. I unrared the rar file. used the md5 file in PDA and pressed start.

        It seems to install. . clears cache ´.. all that.. then back to boot up loop.

        Only Difference is that it says #manual mode# Updating application instead of just. . . uploading application…

        ?? any other ideas ?? 🙁 . . I didn’t think something would break just from updating the os. . . 

        • Brentrollandjones

          I’m with you Ulrikwerner, either we have different Tabs or we’re dumber than the rest

  • 2t00n

    Thank you very much! Worked perfectly and very easy explained. You’re a lifesaver! 🙂

  • Hi. Could you please help me with my P7500 XXKG7 Tab firmware update please?nI couldn’t get t from the air yet (maybe I bought it from Turkey) and I want to upgrade to new firmware.nThx in advance

    • Ulrikwerner

      Jolanda Edwardsu00a0 :u00a0Look atu00a0nhttp://www.samfirmware.com/u00a0I had problems updating (or reinstalling actually) but I used a european-open 3.1 firmware and then updated through settings-(and all that) through wifi . . I got a few pointless italian apps with the later 3.2 update, but one can just un install them. If it doesn’t work, don’t get stress. Just try another firmware.nAndu00a0Kapil. Thanks for the instructions and apologies for not reporting back that it did work in the end. Your instructions are A-Ok! I just needed to use another firmware.nnThank you 🙂

  • Ray Mulder

    XWKL1 is now out (26/1/2012) and you can just install it straight from Samsung via the tab updater.

  • Hmn Sl

    Hi, Thanx, really helped, but i get a passward on rebooting, where i can get that passward, kindly advise

    • inVader

      I was having the  very same  problem after flashing stock firmware for my p7500. I didn’t manage to find out the password nor did I find advice somewhere else. However, fiddling around a bit I got to a solution:
      Reboot into recovery by holding power and volume_down, then select the lift icon. There, perfomr a full wipe/ factory reset and once you reboot you can access your tab/phone without password.
      Hope that helps.

  • Sharil80

    Guy…help me! ! I cannot connect my tab with kies after updated… Any idea?


    • Hendra_zerohunter

      are you process in odin is so long?

      • Sharil80

        no… less than 3 minutes..

    • What’s it like? Are you trying the update option from Kies after connecting you tab, or it doesn’t gets detected altogether. Although it’s unusual, but it may happen when you flash a new firmware which was not for your region particularly. I’ve flashed other region’s firmware on my Galaxy S, S2 and other devices and I had problems with update option in Kies but the devices connected successfully with Kies.

      Anyway, if you want Kies thing back, you just need to flash a firmware meant for your region. So, where are you from?

      • Sharil80

        yes , you correct I flash a new firmware with XME region but after completed flash my CSC show GBL … I don’t know how to change it into XME…

        • Maybe some other firmware meant for your region will change the CSC too to XME, but if everything’s okay.. let it go. Otherwise, find a firmware with CSC as your region. Installing that would solve it. It’s connecting to Kies now, right?

  • Hendra-zerohunter

    why i this process is so long??
     what’s wrong with my tab?


  • Worked perfectly. Thank you.

  • Alakay

    THX DUDE!!!!!!…

  • THANKS 🙂

  • Mojnotee

    i ony have one file ? what to do 

    • Do as said in the above guide till step 10. And then for step 11, select the only file you got in PDA tab in Odin (and ignore the other tabs) and click on start to begin the process. After successful flashing the Tab will boot up properly.

      Let me know if you need any further help.

      • Mojnotee

         i flashed it , but lockscreen is not working and my 3g conection either ,, i doesnt recognise my sim card at all , when i press off button there is no flight mode and voume off and that stuff , it just turns off ?

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