Get your dose of Android apps for iPad with Alien Dalvik 2.0


For all you guys stuck with a non-Android device, Alien Dalvik comes as a good news. The app is developed by Myriad Group, and it acts as a virtual simulator to run Android apps on other mobile platforms like iPad’s iOS, Blackberry’s OS, etc. Alien Dalvik 2.0 will be officially unveiled in next week’s CTIA conference.

The Alien Dalvik virtual system will enable users to run android apps on eBook readers, Blackberry devices and of-course on iPad and iPhones. It’s an added bonus for developers giving them the ability to develop app for android and this simulator will take care of running it on different platforms. It can run unmodified APK files on any platform.

Although such thing will not be official likened at Apple quarters but those who jailbreak their iPhone will find it pretty amusing, as they will be able to run android apps on it. When apps like Angry Birds are available only as Paid version in Apple’s appstore — while they are available with both Free and Paid version on android market — this will surely grab some interest.