Action Launcher 3 update adds new customizable Quickbar feature on your home screen


Action Launcher 3 has got an update that brings a new key feature giving you the ability to make your home screen more powerful than ever. This feature is called Quickbar and it lets you add the Google Search bar on the home screen and customize it as you want.

In other words, you can add app shortcuts to the same such as Google Play, Instagram and more, buttons to pull the side drawer and menus of your favorite contacts or settings.

Apart from these, Quickbar lets you customize the way the Google Search function operates when it is tapped such as voice, overlay or Google app. Also, though there are presets that will get you going, you can customize the shortcuts completely and order them as you like.

You can download the latest version of Quickbar by clicking on this Play Store link. Check out the video below showing the Quickbar of Action Launcher 3 in complete action.

Via: Droid Life