International Galaxy S5 has official Android 5.1.1 update with People Edge features thanks to custom ROM

International Samsung Galaxy S5 owners might be feeling let down by Samsung. And they are right to feel so, given that their device — last year’s flagship, no less! — is yet to be treated with Android 5.1.1 love while its variant at T-Mobile US received 5.1.1 update for long now.

But cheer up guys, we have an official Samsung Android 5.1.1 build right here for you, the only thing is that it’s unofficial. It’s a T-Mobile Galaxy S5’s port of the Android 5.1.1 update actually, meaning it’s not AOSP and is Samsung’s own code.

If you want to taste Samsung’s Android 5.1.1 update right away, you can do so on your G900F now. Only thing required is TWRP recovery, using which you can flash the ROM on your device.

Let’s see how to install it. And btw, the 5.1.1 ROM is already rooted, in case you were wondering. And it’s also got People Edge feature, along with some other Galaxy S6 apps like Phone, Contacts and SMS.


  • Samsung Android 5.1.1 update based ROM — Link | File: (800.3 MB)

Supported devices

  • SAMSUNG GALAXY S5, model no. SM-G900F
  • Don’t try this on any device whose model no. is not SM-G900F exactly!

Warning: Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We won’t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.

Backup important files stored on your device before proceeding with the steps below, so that in case something goes wrong you’ll have backup of all your important files. Sometimes, Odin installation may delete everything on your device!

Step by step Guide

Required? Make sure you have TWRP recovery installed on your Galaxy S5. If not, then find it here.

Step 1. Download the ROM file from above.

Step 2. Transfer the ROM file to your Galaxy S5. Remember the file’s location.

Step 3. Boot your Galaxy S5 into recovery mode. If you are rooted, you can use Quick Boot app from play store.

Step 4. Wipe your device’s data to prepare it for installation. This will delete your apps and data, so make sure you have backup made.

On TWRP, choose Wipe menu, and then under advance wipe, select Data, Cache, Dalvik Cache and System. Don’t select internal sdcard. Then, do the swipe action at bottom to do the device wipe.

Step 5. On TWRP recovery, tap on Install > locate the ROM file and tap on it. Then do the Swipe action at bottom to begin flashing the update. The update will start installing, just hang on.

Step 6. When it’s done, you will be back in recovery’s homescreen. Btw, TWRP won’t be back on homescreen, do this. First, tap on wipe cache/dalvik cache and then when that is done, tap on Home button to return to homecreen.

Step 7. Tap on System > Reboot. Your Galaxy S5 will restart now.

That’s it. Once the device finishes rebooting, you will Samsung’s official Android 5.1.1 code for T-Mobile Galaxy S5 running coolly on your global Galaxy S5, G900F.

What’s more, it even got the people Edge feature ported from Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

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  • JohnSal

    You’ve specifically said not to try this on any other device, other than the G900F. However, can you pls confirm if it work with the G900I?

    • Krishna

      Should work on G900i.

  • Muneeb Ayaz

    its work on G900f By Vietnam ??

    • Krishna

      Yes it would.

  • jan

    i installer it with TWRP, and rooted my phone first with ODIN. used the zipped ROM. and just installed it and works like a charm!!! i hope this will fix my ” smart manager stopped ” error
    5.0 version really was a pain in the **** version

  • Me