8 cool new WhatsApp Status Tips and Tricks

Where the old WhatsApp status had only text, the new ephemeral WhatsApp Status allows you to be cool and artistic with stickers, colorful text, and doodles superimposed on images. As the new WhatsApp Status is well new, here’s our help to get you through it, in the form of a beginners guide to WhatsApp status. Click on the link to check that out, as it should help you understand the new update to WhatsApp app, and get used to it, as well start making most of it.

And when you have accepted the fact that the new WhatsApp status is here to stay and have started to develop a soft corner towards it, we have listed few tips and tricks for WhatsApp status below that will step up your WhatsApp game and sweeten your newly made bond.

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WhatsApp Status Tips and Tricks

1. Pause Status: Sometimes it becomes difficult to enjoy the fleeting WhatsApp status that would lapse away in such short period of time. Other times it is troublesome to read a lot of text on WhatsApp status owing to the slideshow format. Despite being cursory, you can relish the WhatsApp status by pausing it. To do so, just long touch the screen to pause the story.

Additionally, you can also zoom in and out of the screen using your two fingers, although, the moment you lift fingers it will zoom itself out automatically. So, if you intend to look longer into it, simply press and hold.

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2. Skip an individual Status: The WhatsApp Statuses loads automatically –one after the other, what if you don’t want to wait for a few seconds to switch to the next status. Well, you can do so. Tap the screen to accelerate – skip an individual status and move to the next status, through your stories.

So, while a simple tap would take you to next status, the long tap would hold down the slideshow timer so that you can take a long look at the status on screen.

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3. Switch between statuses: While watching statuses, if you bump into a boring Status, or want to check out the previous one again, you don’t have to go through the painful task of watching the entire statuses again. You can move back and forth between statuses easily.

To check out the previous status, or skip to next one, using the swipe actions. Swiping left to right gets you previous status, while swiping right to left gets you to next status. If you ask us, that’s how we roll.

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4. Mute people: One of the things people loathe about WhatsApp Status is that the contact list of WhatsApp is not restricted to our close friends, exposing stories to a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. Though you can change the privacy settings for your own WhatsApp status, what if you aren’t interested in watching the story of random people –the courier person, the local shopkeeper or any distant relative, eh?

Take a chill pill. You can relish your friends’ status and mute others.

To mute people, go to Status tab (where else?) and now long press the contact you want to mute status of. You will get a pop-up, asking whether you want to mute status of the person, well, just tap on the MUTE button. That’s it. In case you wish to do so in bulk, you can’t. Not yet.

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Doing this will make sure that the status updates from the concerned person will not appear at the top of Status list.


5. Switch the cameras: While recording videos for a status, you can instantly switch the front and rear cameras by double tapping the screen. This feature also works in the picture mode.

6. Change color of Emojis: One feature that is missing from both Instagram and Snapchat and available exclusively to WhatsApp is the color aspect of Emojis. While Emojis in WhatsApp chat allow changing the skin color of human Emojis, WhatsApp status allows you to change the color of other emoticons as well. Select the emotion that you want to add -by tapping it, then change the color from color Palette.

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However, the feature is limited to yellow colored smileys.

7. Privately share WhatsApp status: In addition to uploading the jazzed up photo to your status, you can also share it privately with just few friends.

To send it privately, follow the steps:

  • Open the first tab i.e. the camera tab of the navigational menu.
  • Capture and adorn your photo.
  • Hit the button located at the bottom right corner.
  • Now, tap on the Gear icon in top right (right side to My status), and then choose between three options:
    • My contacts (if you haven’t added anyone to your contacts even when that person has added you as contact, he/she won’t see your status)
    • My contacts except… (all contacts, the above case, except those who you specifically disbar from seeing)
    • Only share with… (Will be visible to only the contact you select on next screen)
  • Once done, you will be back to ‘Send to…’ screen where it will show the sharing setting you just selected in the step right above. Now, to share status with selected contact(s), tap on ‘My status’ at top, and then on the ‘Send’ button in the bottom right. That’s it.

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8. Reply with a story (image): You must be aware that you can reply to a status in text form by tapping the reply button at the bottom – the thing is so obvious.

Pssst.. You can also swipe up to reply.

But, did you know you can send a photo or a video or even a GIF loaded with stickers, doodles and vibrant text as a reply?

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It’s right there but you might have never noticed it.

When replying to a status, tap the camera icon adjacent to the typing area. Capture your photo or import the existing photo as you would do in the Status and glamorize it with stickers, text and doodles. Finally, press the send button at the bottom right corner. The decorated photo will be sent to your friend.


That’s your lot of WhatsApp Status tips and tricks.

We hope you loved it. If you have something to add tho these tricks. sure tell us via the comments section below.

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