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7 Best Yoga Android apps you must have

An ancient practice that combines the art of controlling your breath, your mind and your body to establish everlasting health and harmony, yoga has become increasingly popular over the past couple of decades. With millions of practitioners across the globe, yoga is undeniably one of the most accepted forms of exercise now.

Whether you’re looking to achieve physical fitness through the art of yoga or hoping to get in touch with your spiritual self, your smartphone can help you out. We’ve compiled a list of the best yoga Android apps in the Android world, so you can try out a few and settle down with the one that you like as you undertake the journey to physical and mental peace.

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1. Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere

The best part about yoga is that you don’t need any specific equipment or a set place to begin your daily session. Thanks to the Down Dog app, you now get a virtual yoga instructor at your fingertips anywhere and anytime. Start off by selecting a practice sequence, then notify the app about how long you’d like the yoga session to be and your level of expertise, and the app will build your regimen around your personal needs.

2. Yoga tools from Sadhguru

Yoga originated in ancient India, so it can be especially rewarding to undertake daily yoga classes curated by some of the most knowledgeable Indian gurus that are well versed in the old ways. Designed for the fast-paced world, each of the practices enlisted takes just about 5 minutes to complete, and they are all categorized based on what they help you achieve (Nadi Shuddhi for peace, Nada Yoga for joy, Yoga Namaskar for wellbeing and so on).

3. Yoga for weight loss – lose weight program at home

Why not add a physical workout routine to your life that is effective, requires no special equipment, and can be done from the comfort of your home? Yoga for weight loss is an app designed with 50+ intensive yoga-based exercises that work all of your muscle groups to get the blood flowing. From creating your own workout routines to getting professional audio and visual guidance, you get it all with this app.

4. 7pranayama Yoga Daily Breath Fitness Habit & Calm

Keeping those extra pounds off and trying to maintain a healthy weight can be a nightmare, especially when you don’t have the time to hit the gym every day. 7pranayama app comes with a 21-day package that includes a variety of muscle and mind focused asanas (yoga poses), along with a dincharya (schedule) for notifications, pranayama (breathing exercises) and yogasana (yoga postures) for you to learn and master.

5. Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

Designed by professionals that have mastered the art of yoga, the Yoga Studio: Mind & Body app brings a yoga studio to your living room. Packed with more than 20 hours of instructional yoga videos that are broken down frame-by-frame to help beginners keep up, the library of more than 250 different poses with their clinical and spiritual benefits will help you learn just as much about this art form as you would in a classroom.

6. Yoga daily fitness – Yoga workout plan

An all-in-one solution for those who wish to incorporate yoga into their daily routine, yoga daily fitness app covers all the broad branches of yoga. A new user begins by learning about different yoga poses, such as Standing Back Bend, Half Moon Balance, Warrier Pose and dozens of others, and then bring them into practice with 30-day workout videos.

7. Indian Pregnancy & Parenting Tips,The Babycare App

It may seem a bit odd to have a pregnancy app on the list of the best yoga Android apps, but this one definitely needs to be here. Designed for soon-to-be parents and those who are parents already, this app comes with a bunch of pre-delivery tips, health charts, and even forums to discuss one of the most important times of your life. When it comes to physical and mental fitness, the app offers excellent resources for pregnancy yoga, postnatal yoga to get back out there, and even yoga postures for newborn babies.

8. YogaTrail – Follow Your Yoga

YogaTrail lets you plan your Yoga schedules in sync with your yoga teachers and classes, and even keep track of yoga events around you. Once set up, you will also get notifications about changes in class timings, or class teachers, or change of location.

You can also find new yoga teachers via this app. Also, this app can also be of use to hard-core yogis who have to coordinate amongst each other often, which is why this app is a must-have if you are a yoga teacher.

9. Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain Relief

yoga poses for back pain relief

There is no denying that yoga poses can help you relieve some of the most serious physical ailments. If you are suffering from muscle and vertebral issues such as lower back pain, this app will help you pull through it but also help you learn the 11 poses such as Cobra Pose, Supine Spinal Twist Pose, Wind Release Pose and others.

10. Yoga Challenge App (A Yoga game, yes!)

Yoga doesn’t always have to be a serious and sombre business, and the Yoga Challenge App is here to prove that. Designed for two players to play at a time, the app brings up poses that you can select based on your expertise, so you and your partner need to recreate the pose that you see in the picture on the app to successfully qualify.

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Bonus apps

  • Prana Breath: Calm & Meditate
    The app teaches you breathing techniques, which is a main part of the Yoga too BTW, with nice tunes and reminders option. A very good app, one that should be very appealing to Yoga lovers.
  • Fabulous: Motivate Me! Meditate, Relax, Sleep
    A habit tracker app that helps you set the target and achieve them, whether that be getting proper sleep, achieve weight goals, or — you guessed it — doing Yoga.
  • Meditation Music – Relax, Yoga
    As the name implies, this one would get you lovely music to help you relax and meditate. Comes with a ton of useful options.
  • Warm up Morning exercises
    This is a great app to perform some warm-up exercises before you start Yoga.

Got any other amazing Yoga apps for Android to add to this list? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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