5 Best Android game controllers

The majority of the Android phones are touch screen phones and hence to play a game, you have to touch the screen (obviously). Although there is nothing wrong in it, and people enjoy playing games on the touch screen, some people still prefer to use controllers to play the games.

While for some games using a controller is optional, it is a must have for VR games. If you love playing games with a controller on your Android device and are planning to buy one, here are 5 Best Android game controllers.

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MadCatz GameSmart C.T.R.L.

With a perfect combination of design and features, MadCatz GameSmart C.T.R.L. is one of the best Android game controllers available out there. Moreover, the controller besides being compatible with Android works with PC as well.

Buttons and sticks:

  • 1 D-pad
  • 2 Analog sticks
  • 4 Action buttons (A, B, X, Y)
  • Start and back button
  • 1 Button for syncing present between start and back
  • 2 Shoulder triggers
  • Two smaller shoulder bumpers.

Other than that, the controller also offers integrated media buttons on the front side:

  • Volume down
  • Rewind
  • Play/Pause
  • Forward
  • Volume up

Well, there’s more. The controller provides three super convenient modes – GameSmart mode, Mouse mode, and PC mode. You can switch between them with the help of a toggle. While the PC Mode controls PCs, the GameSmart Mode controls Android devices. The third mode i.e. the Mouse Mode lets you use the controller as a fully functional mouse pointer for both PC and Android devices. You can navigate the mouse with the help of the left analog stick.

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Steel Series Stratus XL

Compatible with both PC and Android, Steel Series Stratus XL provides 40+ hours of gameplay with two AA batteries. With a beautiful color combination of black, orange and gray color, Steel Series Stratus XL controller has a cool design.

On the front, you get two joysticks present at the bottom, a d-pad present at the upper left side and four action button at the upper right side. Between d-pad and action buttons lie the three buttons in the center of the controller. With easy to use home button and responsive shoulder buttons, Steel Series Stratus XL is a must try Android controller.

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Moga Pro Power

Moga Pro Power looks like a combination of Steel Series Stratus XL and MadCatz GameSmart C.T.R.L. With the color scheme similar to Steel Series Stratus XL and design scheme of MadCatz GameSmart C.T.R.L., Moga Pro Power looks like it has been derived from both of them. However, in reality, Moga Pro is the oldest controller, so technically, both are derived from Moga Pro.

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Being an old controller, this doesn’t affect its working at all. The controller still works like charm for Android devices. With a built-in phone holder, Moga Pro Power offers following components:

  • 2 Clickable analog sticks
  • 1 D-Pad
  • 4 Action buttons
  • Start and select buttons
  • 2 Triggers
  • 2 Shoulder buttons
  • Phone holder

Further, the controller comes with a rechargeable battery that you can charge with a USB. In addition to that, Moga Pro Power lets you charge your phone from its built-in battery. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with PC.

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Razer Serval

Although functionality wise Razer Serval controller is one of the best controllers, it kind of disappoints you design wise. But on the brighter side, if you like snakes, this one is for you, as it has a snake pattern on the front side.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac, it offers an easy to use phone holder for Android devices. Besides that, you get two analog sticks, one at the lower right corner and the second one at the top left corner. While the D-pad is present at the lower left corner, the 4 face buttons are present at the top right corner. You also get two shoulder buttons and two triggers.

In addition to that, the controller offers five other buttons. While two buttons at the bottom act as back and home button, the three buttons at the top can be used in games for different purposes besides shutting off the controller.

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8BITDO Zero Wireless Game Controller

If you want a small, portable and cute controller, 8BITDO Zero Wireless Game Controller would be the best choice. With a weight of just 50 grams, the controller manages to pack most of the components, which include a D-pad, four action buttons, a start button, a select button and two shoulder trigger buttons. A 180 mAh rechargeable battery powers it.

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That’s all. Happy Androiding!


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