Samsung Offers a $200 Guaranteed Total Trade-In Program: Another Good Reason to Buy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note is up for Pre-orders starting today through October 17, when the Note 4 devices are going to hit the shelves in the market. Following the Iphone 6 buzz, now the Android lovers are going to taste the Note 4 frenzy with a premium hardware and top notch specs. To further sweeten the pot, Samsung has thrown a guaranteed $200 total Trade-in program on any working phone for anyone who pre-orders the Note 4 before October 16.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be available from the major U.S. carriers — AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verzion and U.S. Cellular. You’ll also be able to find it online from the major retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Costco, Radio Shack and Walmart. Samsung offered the Trade-in program regardless which carrier and retailer you choose, so you can get a $200 cash if you have an old phone lying around which you got no use. The process for the Trade-in program is simple and straight forward without any marketing loops, all you have to do is to follow the instructions carefully.

Follow these simple steps to participate in the Trade-in program for Note 4.

  • Pre-order the Galaxy Note 4 between 9th September and 16th October from any carrier or retailer in U.S.
  • Trade in with any working phone of yours.
  • Starting from October 10, head back to Samsung’s Promo site and submit your Note 4 purchase and Trade-in details.
  • You have to provide details like your name, mailing address, e-mail id, phone number and date of birth.
  • Following this you have to enter the IMEI and WiFi MAC addresses of your device which provide unique identity to your phone.
  • Finally, upload the trade-in and pre-order receipts for Samsung to validate.

Once the process is finished successfully, you will receive a check for the amount equal to difference of $200 and the trade-in amount with a minimum of $10 which is essential if your trade-in device is not worth $200. So we think that the Samsung’s Trade-in program is yet another good reason to pre-order the Note 4 device. What do you say?

Via Samsung

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