18.4 inch Samsung Android tablet rumored, no word on release date yet

You may be wondering — and worrying, possible — for a while about the ever-growing screen size of Android phones these years, but Samsung wants you to give spare some thought about the tablets too. Apparently, the company is trying to push the tablet to unprecedented size of 18.4 inches, which was kind of cool size for PC monitors only 7-8 years ago.

Even though tablet exists only in rumor mill right now, it seems plausible enough of experiment to make it to market shelf. It’s a 18.4 inch All-in-one PC basically, running Android 5.1 instead of Windows.

But btw, the specs are as immensely impressive as its size is. Rumored specs tell a list of items that include 2GB RAM, 18.4 inch display of course with underwhelming Full HD resolution, 1.6GHz Exynos 7580 Octa-core processor and 32GB internal storage.

Being touted as a tablet, this device — or monitor, if you so wish — also comes with a 8MP rear camera, and 2.1MP front camera. Lastly, it’s 11.9 thick, which is pretty very, very slim for a 18.4 inch tablet/monitor.

What do you think about it? You know we want to hear your thoughts on this Samsung’s little endeavor about the big 18.4 inch tablet.

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  • Brian

    Wouldn’t be for me. Have an 11.5″ Samsung ATIV PC Pro Windows 10 hybrid tablet and that size is about the biggest that a normal human can reasonably handle for any amount of time. 18.5″ is too big imho.