ZTE B2017 is now Wi-Fi certified, may launch soon

The long-unnamed ZTE device we know by its model no. B2017, recently got the required ticks to pass at Wi-Fi certification authority. What that basically means is that the ZTE B2017 is getting so ready for its launch.

BTW, the model no. is exactly B2017G here, which means: well, that B2017 has more than one variant.

US Cellular tab s2 Android 6.0

Usually, we’ve seen that devices appearing certified at Wi-Fi alliance are in the closer stages of finalization. We could be seeing the ZTE B2017G release in next one-two months.

Specs-wise, the ZTE B2017 features a 5.2″ 1080p display with Snapdragon 615 CPU underneath, coupled with Adreno 405 and 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, and 16MP and 8MP camera at the back.


Of course, this is a budget-level device from ZTE, but if you are planning to buy a easy-on-pocket Android mobile phone soon, then you may want to wait for this one.

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