Latest Ice Cream Sandwich Update for Galaxy S2 i9100 — XWLPG


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  • Zach

    tnx , converted :D , for me now is to find good amazing customs, any suggestions ?

  • Ken Hoban

    do i have to use that version of Odin or can i use a newer one?

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      You can use a newer one, since each version supports all previous devices. :)

  • Mohamed

    back on ICS because Jellybean sucks on S2. thanks a lot. odin file doesnt work now. I downloaded it from google.

  • Erick Wolfgang Zkull

    damn it
    IT IS JUST AWESOME i love it

  • f92

    can it downgrade from jellybean??…. i have jellybean installed with cynogenMod but it is causing problems with battery life

  • shack

    everything worked perfectly! nice detailed explanations thanks!

  • Ramzi’s JaCk Cool

    thanks….thanks…thanks a lot….
    Actually i have problems .. with my galaxy s2. My flight mode is on. I cant off my flight mode. When i using this ROM. My problems is solve… Thanks…thanks..thanks… a lot…

    Who have Flight mode problems… can use this ROM…

  • Varshit Peter

    perfect thanks a lot

  • CMK

    Thanks a lot..It worked perfectly..

  • Tom

    Perfect !! Thanks a lot.

  • ALAN

    WOW awesome guide..i didnt have any problem at all. i did not even get stuck during the logo. thanks a lot man!!:)

  • Scahe

    wats the password of the zip file?

  • amaan

    its awesome! unbelievable! i did it! am from mauritius love you!!!

  • Graham

    Sticks at boot.bin everytime i try. Ideas ?

  • Ashu Mittal

    Is it applicable for India…

  • doodz

    is it possible to korean phone anycall S2 Open line in Philippines can able to install that firmware 4.0.4?

  • doodz

    is it possible to korean phone anycall S2 Open line in Philippines?

  • doodz

    is it possible to korean phone anycall S2 Open line in Philippines?

  • tapan joshi

    best way just commect handset to kies air update will automatically cum if u have a net connection…

  • mufaddalezzi

    Hey guys thanks..anyways i got an ota update for lpg n its so bad that i have to factory data reset afyer every two days ..i hate that..anyone knows when is the next update coming plz my phone is uk branded..

  • droid.p7500

    thank man for you guide very detail & easy to follow..

  • mnz

    thank you!! i love you man :D

  • Cedric

    Awesome! Up and working :P Thx

  • Roie Benjamin

    Great tutorial … worked like a charm, Thanks.

  • yap

    How to chage firmware 4.0.3 india to my own region firmware 4.0.3 malaysia?? Please help

  • ponicmon

    is it possible to upgrade from 2.3.6 to 4.0.3 directly?

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Yes, it’s possible. :)

      • ponicmon

        Thanks, I could successfully upgrade.

    • Kapil

      Yes. Of course.

  • raif

    what are the improvements?? can u post a link where changelog can be found

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      There are never any official changelogs for firmware released by Samsung. When there are, it’s usually what the users notice. :)