Xperia PLAY Gets Official ICS Beta from Sony


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  • Karan Mishra

    sammi u r u watchin dis we want ics on galaxy s wid tw4 :/

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      The Xperia devices like PLAY are new and haven’t yet got a single Android update. Galaxy S is too old a device and has already had 2 major Android updates, which is more than what most devices get. Also, the system partition on SGS is too small (and also on other single core Galaxy phones) so fitting ICS with TW4 is not possible on it.¬†

      I know it hurts, but wasting time on getting ICS to SGS would be impractical. In the Android world, more than 2 major Android updates certainly hasn’t happened yet for any phone, and probably won’t happen in the future. Guess it’s a disadvantage in the Android world :(