Xperia Arc Overclocked to Raging 1.8 GHz

Our main complain to Sony Ericsson about the Xperia Arc was the phone’s not-at-par spec-sheet which was void of dual-core power, 1 GB sort of RAM, etc. Although SE couldn’t do much here but one developer has taken pity on Arc and has upped the 1 GHz single core processor’s power to whopping 1.8 GHz — 80 % overclocking. Well, for extreme android enthusiastic who hate their Arc’s age-old 1 GHz processing power, this is a blessing — provided one’s got a heart to bear the risks involved with overclocking which include bricking up of the phone.

Those interested in overclocking their Arc can visit this page to download the required files for flashing via fastboot. Also give the user’s a comments there a peek so that you’ll know more about this overclocking. But to start with, you’ll have to have a bootloader unlocked Xperia Arc. If yours is not, use this guide to unlock bootloader on Xperia Arc.

Developer if2 did get us some screenshots of the Arc running at 1.8GHz of horsepower and the results are pretty good — Linpack’s at 57 MFLOPS is much higher even than the Galaxy S 2’s stock Linpack score of around 47 MFLOPS. And, that smartbench score of 2341 (productivity index) and 2042 (games index) is pretty decent too — too bad it pales in front of overclocked Galaxy S 2 running dual-core Exynos processor at 1.5 GHz which I think no other phone on earth could challenge, at least for now.

Let us know your scores in comments below if you get your Arc to 1.8 GHz goodness. But know that the overclocking business is risky and may damage your even after successful flashing if you use the device at such higher clock speed for long time.

Via XDA Developers

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  1. Ivan De Rozario68 says: Reply

    hi there when I boot it hangs at the SE logo. What should I do?

    1. jack says: Reply

      nothing, might be, u should cry as loud as u can, so someone could help u

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