Would White Xperia Arc feature 1.4 GHz Processor? And if it does, Would you buy it?

The white member of the Xperia Arc family was spotted again yesterday. Sure, it looks solid cool but given the outdated spec-sheet the Arcs have been carrying along, the white version loses its shine practically as soon as you start thinking about it. We know we still ranked it 7th in our recently published best android phone list, but you know that’s not the place for a flagship phone, is it, especially when it’s the Sony Ericsson?

But to cheer things up, here are some rumors. The white version could turn out to be an upgraded (read: refreshed) version of Arc, that will hum with a single core 1.4 GHz processor underneath it. Well, that is an improvement for an Arc, no doubt, but it would be cool only if Sony Ericsson ramps up the RAM and ROM too, to modern 1 GB (or at least 768 MB as found in Incredible S) and 1GB/2GB standards, respectively.

If you’re expecting a dual-core processor too, forget about that because that’s what SE has saved for Arc’s successor, the Xperia Duo.

Now, back to white version, would you be buying it if RAM and ROM see necessary upgrades from SE, apart from the improved single core processor? Despite it featuring the LCD screen without gorilla glass protection, that pales in front of Super LCD displays and world’s best Super AMOLED displays? What else would you want to find the cool white Arc buyable enough?

Arc White

White Arc from SE

Via Xperia Blog

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  1. hamxa says: Reply

    I want a white arc :;( sony love yew…..most beautiful phone maker!

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Sony does makes super good-looking phones. I just wished it puts in super spec-sheet too 😀

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