White Xperia Arc spotted. Looks gorgeous than ever.

We’ve so far known of the Midnight blue, Misty silver (and also that Pink) color of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, which indeed is totally different from what choices we’d in Xperia x10 (Black & White), and although the Midnight blue color looks very much similar to Black but its not black, so it’d have been better if it’d been black only. Anyway we’ve just spotted some clear pictures of a White Xperia Arc on a Chinese website, the first look gave me an impression as if it’s a silver Arc but just appearing white under the flash light, well maybe or maybe not, but after looking twice and thrice I believe it’s white.

And BTW these pictures seem to be of a prototype of Xperia Arc, as in one of the pictures It can be clearly seen that the phone is running on Android 2.3.1 (which is not the one we got in the retail versions)

Have a look yourself in the pictures below:

White Xperia Arc

White Xperia Arc 1

White Xperia Arc 2

White Xperia Arc 3

White Xperia Arc 4

White Xperia Arc 5

Source: bbs.gfan.com

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