What The Hell! A Gameloft Premium Game being Sold in the Market for $2.99 with Hacking Instructions!!

Gameloft GT Racing HD

It’s very very absurd but Gameloft’s premium game, GT Racing HD, is being sold for $2.99 in the android market with instructions of how to hack this pirated game. Total disgrace to android, right?

Gameloft is quite known — and hated too — for not making available its games in the android market. If you wanna buy their games, you need to get it from their own window at their own website. But guess what, one of their games — the GT Racing HD is available in the android market. If you thought your prayers finally paid off, you will be blown to know that the developer SawDevelopment, who’s selling it for $2.99, is actually distributing the hacked one — a pirated game.

It’s clearly not an official release from the Gameloft — the developer is not Gameloft in first place, and the android market’s description tells that too. It includes “Install Notes” which are nothing but a “How To” crack/hack this game, that is, running a pirated game using the game’s installation file (apk) with instructions of how to download game’s full data while not getting caught by the developer Gameloft.

The pirated copies of the game — android, PC or any other gaming platform — are available on internet and it has been a tradition we’ve been living with for ages for PC games. But to launch a pirated copy of a very popular game developer bluntly on the official market with hacking instructions is something first ever I’ve seen.

Of course, it points to one serious deficiency of the android market. It’s hard to quantify the amount of gains such fraudulent developers could make but it is certainly a ‘disgrace’ to learn about.

So, now that you know about it, don’t get caught offside by mischievous devs in the market who look quite determine to unravel the new dimensions of making profit out of pirated stuff — so officially. I think the developer and the game entry in the android market will get deleted soon, but one should be cautious and of course, I really don’t expect every novice android user to not get caught with such tactics of devs.

What do you think?

By the way, those of you wanna buy the GT Racing HD or any other awesome game of Gameloft, go to the developer’s official page here.

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  1. Well that will put a hell of a show !!

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