Hello there!

We at theandroidsoul.com are on the lookout for full-time writers. (See below for part-time writing, or becoming a guest author.) So, yeah, needless to say, you must have good command of written English, and must be proficient at that.

We would provide you the content to write on. You won’t have to research for the stories. Though, if there’s an idea you are killing yourself to write and share with the world, we’re all ears. Of course, you earn for writing here, fixed monthly remuneration at that.

To help you decide about this job in best shape possible, we get you a trial period (limited hours of work per day for a certain period), to get you real-time experience of the job. Once you know what you need to know, this should help you tremendously in deciding on the job, which is specially useful when you are already employed somewhere else.

If you think you fit the narration above, then do apply.

Do mention the following while applying:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Occupation [Student/Job/Business/Just chilling?]
  • Location
  • Android devices currently using and used [please, separately]
  • Favorite OEM, and why? [In good detail.]
  • Favorite 10 apps, and why (for each of them)? [Explain very briefly why an app is your favorite. In like 2-3 sentences, per app.]
  • Favorite hobbies
  • Favorite blogs and websites on web, which you frequently visit, and how many times in a week/month
  • Your social pages (Twitter, FB, Instagram, etc.)

Where to send? Well, drop them off at admin (at) theandroidsoul.com

See you on Email!

Note: We’re currently hiring only from India. If this upset you, we’re so sorry!

Wanted part-time? Sorry, positions filled.

Guest blogging: BTW, we can also provide you an opportunity to write for us on occasional basis. If you have something you wanna write on, you can let us know of it. If we like it, you can go ahead and write for us. This is just to get you an audience. (This is not limited to India, so you’re welcome even if you are not an Indian.) BTW, we may provide a link to your twitter profile, or Google+ page, as credit. But not to any blog or something, as it’s only meant for regular Android users, not bloggers.