Watch the Remote Control Android Car on Video!


It’s times like these that makes us jealous of the people working at Google, who get to see many awesome things beforehand and behind closed doors and get to play with it while others can only drool. The latest toy that the Google employees are getting to play with is this really cool remote-controlled Android car, which is basically a remote-controlled control car with an inflatable Andy the Android on top of it.

The Android can be inflated and then moved around with a remote (one would think they would use an Android device to control it, but not), which even bounces back up if it gets knocked over. Cool, right? Bladez Toyz, the company that made this little Android car will be making other similar toys as well with inflatable characters on top, though only Google employees will be able to get one with Andy the Android. Yes, here’s a tissue to wipe your tears off.

For now, check out the Android car in action in the video below. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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