Voice Plus Android App: It Makes it Easy to Use Google Voice

Voice Plus android app

You love Google Voice application on your android phone, don’t you. But does that pop-up screen asking you to select an app for making a call annoys you? We know most of you will nod their head in confirmation, so it makes a perfect reason for the Voice Plus android app, which helps specifying contacts for which only Google Voice will be used to make calls.

The app is useful only to those who also use notorious Google Voice app that’s so loved on android and missed badly by i*phone users. To use this app, specify contacts to this app, either by selecting them individually, or groups or via area codes. Hence on, no pop-up screen will annoy you and Google Voice will be used by default for such contacts.

It’s a tiny app, weighing just 50 KB but does help avoid lot of repetition and pop-ups in everyday life.

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Download the Voice Plus for free from the android app market.

Voice Plus  android download

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  1. tony says: Reply

    true that voice plus works as advertised to make calls. i set up to call with voice plus for all of my contacts that are not in the verizon network. those in the verizon network were set to be called on my other number. it worked great.

    but text messages were another story. ALL text messages were sent via voice plus. i could not send a text using my verizon number. voice plus completely hijacked my text functionality.

    how do i designate which service to use when send text messages?

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