Galaxy Nexus Found in Verizon Inventory

Need a sign of Verizon Wireless getting the next nexus device – Galaxy Nexus? The above pic is that — the Galaxy Nexus was spotted in Verizon’s inventory system, which confirms two things to us: first, it will be an 4G LTE capable device; and second, it lacks GSM bands and thus, isn’t a global device.

More than that, it indicates that the launch is just around the corner. We expect it to cross the FCC gates soon and do other formalities to get set for the launch. We’ll get the definite word by Tuesday when Google and Samsung will unveil it, but for now the Galaxy Nexus popping out in big Red’s inventory surely clears up some doubts about its name and its carrier — at least that Verizon will be getting it sooner, and well before rest of world gets it either as Galaxy Nexus or as Nexus Prime. Our guess is that it will be Nexus Prime for rest of world.

Via Droid Life

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