Verizon Galaxy S3 Release Date — Is It July 12?


The carriers in the US are taking their sweet time in getting the Galaxy S3 out to their customers, though whether it’s because of high demand like they say or because they just want to make the people want it more by delaying it is anyone’s guess. The Verizon Galaxy S3 has no official launch date yet, but according to online retailer HHGregg, the phone will be available from July 12th.

Last we heard, June 28th was supposed to be the launch date, though that didn’t happen. Also, retailers have many a times posted release and launch dates on their websites even when they didn’t have confirmation, so the July 12 date may come and go without an actual launch. But still, keep your fingers crossed and hope that it does become available on July 12 or even earlier than that.

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  • Karl K

    The title of your article says “JUNE 12th”, but the body of the text says “JULY 12th”. Further, in the text you say that the due date of June 28 “didn’t happen”… I’m not surprised, since this is only June 27th!
    You need some new editorial proofreaders!