Verizon Galaxy Nexus Price Dropping Down to $199 From April 23!

Verizon MAP List

Decided to buy the Galaxy Nexus from Verizon? Well, according to a MAP (minimum advertised price) list released by Verizon, the Galaxy Nexus will be dropping to $199.99 on a 2-year contract from April 23. So come Monday, you’ll be able to save $100 on the Nexus from Verizon.

Also, all of Motorola’s RAZR phones will be dropping off the MAP pricing list from April 22, which usually means that new devices are on their way. Info on the RAZR HD was recently leaked, so it might be a possibility that it will soon be going official. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 also seems to be getting a $50 price drop from April 23rd, so that’s another device people will be able to save money on.

So, are you gonna be waiting for April 23rd before buying the Nexus? You’ve waited this long, so another day or two shouldn’t really matter. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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  1. Slickdaddy96 says: Reply

    It’s dropping down because tomorrow is the unveiling of the Galaxy S3 by Samsung… Who wants a old dual-core phone when they get the best phone of 2012 in the Galaxy S3…

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