Utter! is the best voice assistant app for your Android device


What would you say to a voice assistant app that can write an entire note for you, toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data, etc, fly you to a location via Google Earth, open settings screens for almost every thing, take a screenshot, reboot the phone, open a specific folder on your storage via the installed file manager on the phone, launch and kill apps, and quite a lot more, with almost razor sharp precision in voice recognition?

I, for one, have said a big yes to Utter!, the voice assistant app that can do all the things mentioned above and an awful lot more. In development since February 2012, Utter! takes voice control to the next level and puts Google Now and Apple’s Siri to shame.

The most important aspect of Utter! is that you simply do not need to open any app or new window and can access it from anywhere on the device as it sits in the background at all times, and activates either with a press on its status bar notification, a shake of the device, or a wave of your hand. The app is funny too, responding with phrases such as “Yes master”, or “Utter! has now become self aware” when you activate it, or saying “I’m feeling sleepy” when you activate it, grant it root access, and make it reboot the phone, all with your voice.

Yes, Utter! is extremely powerful and functional and will have you performing various functions faster with your voice instead of with your hands, something which can’t be said about any other voice control app. It can even start up tasks that you may set up using Tasker, the task automation app for Android, as well as link other apps to Utter!, such as Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Earth, Maps, IMDB, eBay, Google+, Evernote, and more.

Here’s a list of some of the things Utter! lets you do with your voice:

  • Take notes
  • Open settings for various options
  • Open contacts
  • Call someone via both dialer or Skype
  • Translate text into various languages
  • Spelling
  • Weather
  • Toggle connectivity like Wi-Fi, BT, etc
  • File management
  • Root actions such as rebooting to recovery, or to the bootloader mode

That’s just a glimpse of the many things that Utter! lets you do with complete ease, and the app simply needs to be tried to see just how powerful it is, taking full advantage of the freedom Android provides. Things like turning off the Wi-Fi or data connection are something I do using Utter! each night I go to sleep, and it simply does everything with aplomb.

Hit the Google Play link to download Utter! on your device, or head to the XDA link to find more details and the latest test builds of the app and to provide feedback to the amazing developer of this amazing voice assistant app. Android 2.3 and up are supported. Oh, and do try it out and let us know what you think, and if you aren’t impressed, then God help you.

Google Play Link | XDA Thread

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  1. Lionel Hamblyn says: Reply

    Utter now supports off line recognition on Jelly Bean devices.

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