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May 16th, 2014Google Play Store updated to version 4.8.19 with PayPal support, simplified app permissions and some sweet UI changes. Download the latest apk from here (link below):
► Download Play Store APK v4.8.19

22nd Oct, 2013: Play Store just got updated to version 4.4.21. Download the latest update from the link below

► Download Google Play Store APK 4.4.21



Latest update: The all new Nexus 7 2013 was just found running an even newer version of Google Play Store — version 4.2.9. Go ahead and download the latest version instead of this.
Link – Download Google Play APK 4.2.9.

UPDATE (November 18, 2012): Google Play Store updated to version 3.10.9. Download from here.

Update (November 2, 2012): Google Play Store updated to version 3.9.17, so we recommend you to download latest Google Play APK 3.9.17 from here.

UPDATE (August 22, 2012): Play Store updated again with gift card redeem function. The latest version now is 3.8.17 ─ download from here.

UPDATE (August 18, 2012): Google has pushed a minor update to the Play Store again, and the latest version now is 3.8.16 ─ download it from here.

Update (August 16, 2012): The latest version of Google Play right now is 3.8.15. Get it here.

There is new version of Google Play APK floating around, and it’s 3.7.15 — up from the last one, v3.7.13. Being a small update (numerically), and having installed it I can say as expected it didn’t make any significant changes to the Play Store and looks more like a bug-fixer and small-changes-made kind of update. But there has never been a good official changelog of Google Play updates, so let’s ignore this and skip to links and installation procedure, which is what all you want is, no?

Installation of the Google Play APK 3.7.15 is easy — just download the file on phone and install by tapping on it (making sure that ‘unknown sources’ under settings in enabled). For not so experienced people, a detailed guide below is all you would need.


You DO NOT need root for this. And installing the Google Play (or any app using an APK) is very very easy!

Install Google Play Store APK 3.7.15 [Guide]

  1. Download the Google Play APK 3.7.15. Filename: gplay3.7.15.apk
  2. Transfer it to phone if you downloaded it on PC.
  3. Enable “Unknown sources” under Settings » Applications, so that you can install applications from SD Card. If you are on Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean (Android 4.0 and lovely Android 4.1, respectively), find it under Settings » Security.
  4. Make sure you have a (any) file manager installed. Open file manager app and go to folder where you downloaded/transferred the GP3.7.13.apk (if you downloaded it on phone, it should be in Download folder).
  5. Tap on the Google Play file — gplay3.7.15.apk — to begin installation procedure and it will be installed in less than a minute. That’s it. Open the Google Play app now from the app drawer.

Let us know via comments if you need any help over installing/downloading this. And, I guess, you’ll need to be on Android 2.2 or higher to be able to update your Google Play.

Google Play 3.7.15 Screenshots

Google Play Store APK

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  1. kevon smith says: Reply

    dont wrk for samsung galaxy attain metropcs

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      What’s the android OS version on your device?

  2. LMF says: Reply

    I am on ICS 4.0.4, NOT rooted. I can install and open Google Play 3.7.15, but when I try to download or update an app, GP force closes. I clear the data for GP, then go back and try to download and it forces closes again. What is the fix?

    1. search with google howto root your phone, because i have a HTC Magic device and with the old android 1.5, Yahoo messenger and some other app refuse to install. I received a message like ” Messenger could not be installed on this phone” Since i’ve rooted my device, now i have Yahoo Mess and Mail and many app. (Android 2.2.1)

  3. RammsteinnenWarsteinner says: Reply

    Worked Fantastic! Thanks a lot. It fixed a crucial bug.”Waiting for Network” on Play Store,in 4G and Internet pass through.

  4. LMF says: Reply

    I am on ICS 4.0.4, NOT rooted. I can install and open Google Play 3.7.15, but when I try to download or update an app, GP force closes. I clear the data for GP, then go back and try to download and it forces closes again. What is the fix?

  5. Joel says: Reply

    when I downloaded the file it came up as a txt file (downloaded from phone) which I found to be really weird. I had lost play store in a borked rom, so I renamed the file to apk and it seems to be working just fine (EVO 3D running MeanICS)

  6. ash says: Reply

    but is stopps workinking when i sign in to it

  7. karcherkm says: Reply

    after installed when you open it it says that an account needs to be setup but when i click it the app just closes

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Hmm… do this.. go to settings, accounts and sync and then add a gmail account of yours there…. then open the play store app. Hope it works, let me know. And btw, what’s your android os version?

  8. srameshyam says: Reply

    thanks a lot

  9. abhishekthecoolguy says: Reply

    application not installed appears!!

    1. Jonathan43 says: Reply

      Me too 🙁
      Help please !

    2. Jonathan43 says: Reply

      Me too 🙁
      Help please !

  10. hi says: Reply

    thanks it worked

  11. IK says: Reply

    I downloaded the Google play app, however when I click on it I get the following message “you must add an account to the device to continue” and then it goes to the main app menu….what to do? Please help

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Then add a gmail account first in settings – accounts and sync.

  12. Aldstar says: Reply

    So I downloaded the app. Signed into my google account everything. But now everytime I try to install an app, I get a message with ‘unfortunately google play has closed’, and then the app closes. Then every time if I try to open it, I get the same message, until I reboot my tablet. I get the same thing when I try to install it via the computer. My Android version is something with 4… 4.0 or something like that 😛 Can someone help me/does someone has the same problem?? It sucks goes Google Play has like the best apps >_> btw rebooting my tablet doesnt help, cause even if I reboot it and start up Google Play, everything is fine…untillll I try to install an app 😛

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Go to Settings – Apps – find Play Store and do “clear data”. Hope it helps. Let me know.

      1. Aldstar says: Reply

        Hmm it didnt work, but I think I found the solution, I had a internet connection with a cable, and I believe it only works if you connect with WiFi, but my tablet’s wifi is messed up so I can only connect with a cable for now on -.-‘ Thanks anyway!

  13. kwatson says: Reply

    downloaded GP 3.1.15 on my ematic eglide tablet. it installed fine. every time open it it says process com.android.vending has stopped unexpectedly. id really like this to work since the “app market” that came on the tablet has no apps on it.

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Go to Settings – Apps – find Play Store and do “clear data”. Hope it helps. Let me know.

  14. Ellie Larkins says: Reply

    i downloaded it but everytime i try to click on it in my file manager, a message appears saying ‘There is a problem parsing the package’
    Help me please!

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Which Android Version you are on?

      1. Ellie Larkins says: Reply

        I’m not sure – my phone says:
        Firmware version: 2.1-update 1
        I don’t know what this means!

  15. eyedoc says: Reply

    hi i have a gadmei t 883 3D tablet which is modified using the DIY Firmware 1.1.I am unable to connect to google play store ..installed GP 3.7.15 and cleared data also …but does not connect…

  16. siddharthandroideclair says: Reply

    showing there was a problem parsing the file

  17. sj says: Reply

    it says my deice isn’t compatible with this version?? help!

  18. pankaj says: Reply

    i installed the evry required thing as mentioned above, but whenever im trying it to run it shows an error saying’ ” unfortunately gplay has stopped working…tried alot bt dint worked

  19. arroon says: Reply

    I am not able to open the playstore appln……everytime i open it it says unfortunately google play has closed’, i treid to clear the data as well, still no luck and i am using WIFI by the way………..whats the solution – im using android 4.0

  20. ajkshfs says: Reply

    Play store won’t load.. “Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped.” pops up everytime I try to go to it

  21. I have a 4Sight 4SPA0910C Tablet and every time I try to run the market, it crashes. It won’t let me agree or disagree to terms of service. It just crashes. What can I do?

    1. Same here! What to do??

    2. calvin says: Reply

      Same to me

  22. I keep getting “Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped.” And it pops up every time I try to go to it. Please help!!!

  23. notworking says: Reply

    does not work with my tablet either. google play will open and run until i try to download then. google play crashes. have to clear cache to reopen google play. but once again crashes when trying to download. have a generic mid 970 running android 4.1.1

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