Update to Latest Android 4.0.4 Firmware for Galaxy S2 I9100 – XWLPO [Guide]


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  • Supul Sapukotana

    Thank you very much, Only this post had working download links. Thanks again.

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Shivam

      You’re welcome :)

      Do follow us on Google+ , Facebook or Twitter .

  • shanif

    Its showing FAIL for me even after trying the same procedure many times… pls help me out!!

  • swapnil

    I was trying to do this but Odin showed msg as “Failed”. Plz help now I cannot do anything ahead. The phone is just showing a mobile and pc symbol and “!” sign in between them :( Please help..Its urgent.

  • thanhtran

    excellent. I got it. thanks

    But in my home screen it always shows :

    HW: M25.15 ,

    PDA: I19100XWLPO


    How do remove it from home screen?


    • http://www.facebook.com/bruno.maioli.3 Bruno Maioli

      hey thanhtran, i have the same problem on my s2 how did you solved ?

  • Rokas

    Hi update my 2.3.6 androind to 4.0.4 and its look working perfect, got all updare from wifi, thanks!!

    Greetings from Lithuania!

  • Umer

    updated my S2 but stuck in step 14, “Pass but stuck in reboot screen”, everytime i removed and insert battery it restart automatically……and then again stuck at Booting animation..
    Once i tried to press and hold the keys and sucessfully restarted in recovery mode, at that point “Yes button” was not working for wipe data / factory reset..
    Rightnow, its restarted and stuck in booting image..plz guide me what to do now?

  • Demos

    it works perfectly. thanks .

  • http://www.facebook.com/milad.mazaheri.7 Milad Mazaheri

    tnx so much man worked perfect!!

  • Darren Kelly

    Fabulous, thank you. I swapped my iphone 4 for a Galaxy S2 on Gumtree. Was on 2.3.6 and wouldn’t update via Kies. Followed this, worked amazing. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kjartan

    Worked like a charm. . . Greetings from Iceland.
    Only took me about 40 minutes ! ! !

  • Jignesh S.

    can i update with any kernel or base band no? Mine is Baseband – I9100XXKH3, Kernel –, Build – XXKH3

  • Mujahid

    oh i am vary happy. thank you so much..

  • smukie

    Just upgraded my O2 GS2. It failed first time but worked after a battery pull. Thank you.

  • smukie

    As this is official Samsung firmware does that meant that installing it wont void my warranty?

  • Fabricio medeiros

    All ok with my S2 after update (4.0.3 to 4.0.4) Thx guys !

  • Helldiver

    Very important at STEP 14!!! Please be patient!!! My S2 got stuck at the booting animation for about 1 minute…. than it continues with App-Optimization

  • rayan

    my s2 is functioning normally…the problem is that the screen is black and I can’t see anything but i can still use the screen and feel it i open music and everything and i even took screen shots but the screen is black so? help plz

  • aziz

    get 4.04 :D before i coudnt even update my mobile via kies cause i live in middle east :D but now its working fine loving it :D but didnt checked yet ;) thnx man !!!! really thnx

  • Michael

    The upgrade went smooth, now on to testing the new version. Thank you for the help and the detailed instructions!

  • ??????

    I Can’t turn on my S2 already!

  • Bogdan

    My phone does not enter into recovery mode .. What should i do ?

  • fadel younise

    This firmware contains arabic language ?

  • Manu

    Excellent explanation. I am successfully upgraded to Android 4.0.4. Thank you.

  • Name

    Hi, is this work on non rooted telephones because I have already updated my 4.0.3 software with Odin even my phone is not rooted so will it work and with 4.0.4 ?

  • 20stz

    Hello, i’ve updated to 4.0.4, but I have some problems.
    1. It tells me I have updates on software, downloads 9MB and reboots to update firmware then it doesn’t and when phone boots it says: “Failed to update firmware. Try again using pc software (kies) or visit a samsung service centre”.
    2. I can’t use the phone camera, when I try to use it i can’t see nothing, it’s black screen, but if I hit the capture button it takes a picture of what the camera is pointed at.
    Please help me!

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      Install this and name sure you follow each and every step carefully — http://www.theandroidsoul.com/xxlpj/

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      that’s make* sure

  • Adnan

    Accelerometer not working…..no rotation function works.
    screen capture also captures the volume scale when you press the volume down to capture the screen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jivkoantonov0714 Jivko Antonov

    Works perfect, without any bugs !!! The most interesting thing is that, I can still update my phone via OTA and can receive updates. Few days ago the phone received new update version XWLPT via OTA !!! I’m happy :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/mudithmanu Mudith Manu Senanayake

    I’m Stuck in Samsung Galaxy s2 GT-I9100 screen even how many times i Re-install and
    Factory Reset :( please help

  • Hems

    Installed and running so far so good.

  • choppaa

    I just did this, and it worked almost perfectly! I have been to xda developers several times, but this is hands down the most straightforward guide to installing the latest firmware for my phone, and that’s why I decided to bite. I ran into the fail message with the red background, but I followed the steps and it worked the second time. It took me about 7 minutes and was so simple. My phone had a baseband UHKI2 and I could not find anything about when it would get updated, so I was stuck on 2.3.4. Now it’s at 4.0.4, and it feels great to have known that I did this, thanks to you!


    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil


  • http://www.facebook.com/drazenhale Drazen Filipovic

    Display Brightness is not working..

  • 20stz

    If i have the official ics 4.0.3 and i’ve rooted it, if I update to this version, will the root be lost?!

    • Trevor Hall


      • 20stz

        tnx, then i will w8 for root because my phone is locked on another network and the only way i can use it is by having it rooted and with an play store app

  • mr,ifi


    • NeViLLe

      Root’s not goona come out untill mid-August, coz the developer (chainfire) is on vacation…

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