Update HTC One S to 2.31.401.5 Firmware Based ROM. Already Rooted, Flash from CWM Recovery


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  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.bianchi.9 Paul Bianchi

    Trying to get back to stock rom after using Cyanogenmod 10, and went through this procedure twice. First warning sign – at “adb reboot bootloader” command it returns “error: device not found”, even though running “fastboot devices” showed the machine connected. So just rebooted into bootloader with CWM and proceeded.After flashing and rebooting, it gets through the splash screen to the unlock ring, and when I swipe it, I get “process system is not responding, would you like to close it?” I select “wait”, the phone reboots, gets through the splashes, but then goes blank with the buttons lit. Tapping power brings back the screen with nothing but the status bar up top, the rest black. Any ideas?