Update Galaxy S2 to Android 4.1 With Latest Jelly Bean JRO03H AOSP ROM


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  • Chiwis

    it is a great rom but unfortunately for me the mount of the sd card is not working, i can’t even plug the device the computer in usb mode only as a media drive… also i can’t see the sd card content in the phone menu… but it is great!!!

  • Bhabotosh.

    Its not working wifi… what is the solution ??

  • david iwantschak

    I have downloaded this ROM 2 days ago and had it as my daily driver ever since, its been great so far, fast, quick, no lag, the only bit missing i think is the clock timer and the stopwatch n that but can easily download one off market place, the best bit i personally think is having google search (google now cards and funtionality) i cant seem to load up the google now main program up as is crashes every time, everything works fine, noticed that the ROM does drain battery slightly away quicker than the ICS 4.0.3 version on O2-UK and noticed it powered itself off ONCE on standby and when i pressed the power button to light the screen up it was black, didnt show up, restarted and find, but cant be perfect thats why its called ROMs and unofficial ones as its in the works and does state will find bugs and errors but this one’s best so far :) just love the jelly bean effect as its like been on the google nexus devices with jelly bean on :)

  • sarang

    what is step no. 10 and i did not find any file named kernel while doing the process rest everything was done as said did imiss any thing?

  • Koundinya Ayalasomayajula

    Installed JB, google now and searchis not working. Rest all everything is fine. widgets adjustment is awesone

  • Midhat

    After reading the below comment ,ill like to share my experience well you are Rite as I ve notice the same situation in my Galaxy S and Galaxy s 2 .both running ICS i know its not jelly bean but still upgrading it from the older version has increases charging time and they seem to be pretty hot i sometime remove the back cover ..Paranoid :) afraid might heat up …and i would be installing JB anytime soon…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Martin-Sheppherd/659701668 Martin Sheppherd

    really like this but have just noticed my handset gets very hot while charging and it charges very slowly – its just taken 25 minutes to go from 31% to 32% – any ideas people?