Update Galaxy S to Android 2.3.6 — SC02BOMKL1 Firmware. NTT Docomo Galaxy S Only!

Lets first be clear on this — this is not for your Galaxy S unless, you got it from NTT Docomo (Japan). If yours is not Docomo’s Galaxy S, flashing it will only result in FAIL (in red!) so I would suggest all international Galaxy S users to simple ignore this for now. FYI, SC02B is the code name of Galaxy S at NTT Docomo in Japan, and OMKL1 is the firmware name here.

And those who got one from NTT Docomo in Japan, go ahead and enjoy the Android 2.3.6.

Since I couldn’t install it too, being a international galaxy s phone user, let us know what changes you see in this build, except for obvious addition in the Android OS version.

Installation: Download the SC02BOMKL1 firmware (password: sampro.pl) and flash it using Odin3 v1.7. [Select the extracted .tar file in PDA tab and keep Re-Partition checkbox clear.]

Let us know what improvements you see.

As for non-Docomo users, I think Android 2.3.6 update for you too is on the horizon. Though, I think you’re not that eager for this — partly because you know nothing exciting will be there and mainly because we already got Android 4.0 custom ROM to play with. So, lets hope Samsung’s team leaks/releases an Android 4.0 update soon enough to make things peppy.

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  1. Anonymous says: Reply

    hello Kapil works on samsung galaxy S i900..????

  2. Rayan_rostam says: Reply

    not working on my samsung galaxsy s i9000

  3. Kace says: Reply

    Boss u r the baaadest…… fixed my base-band unknown version issues… my galaxy is back in circulation

  4. maruti says: Reply

    Hey kapil, thanks for details. The flash says PASS in green color. However after auto reboot, it gets stuck at NTT DOCOMO logo. Any idea?

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Do factory reset from recovery mode. Then reboot. This should work, let me know.

      1. Niwrad Enaj says: Reply

        sir please help i have an nttdocomo galaxy s i need 2.3.6 im still running 2.2 i need to upgrade please help please email me for what i need.. i tried to download but the browser fail to load the file from hotfile? do you still have a copy of the firmware please help….. niwradenaj@yahoo.com from Phil.

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