Update Galaxy S i9000 to IMM76I, Latest Version of Android OS from Google


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  • vsdaking

    hi !
    firstly, brilllliant job in laying out the steps in such an easy manner for all to understand – its been really easy and fun going through the process of rooting my phone.
    But I just wanted to ask, does the SGS1 I9000 go through a reboot-loop continuously on installing the ROM from the internal sd card ??
    Because, my phone must have gone through atleast 50 odd reboots in the past 20 minutes since i selected the options listed above ..
    Thanks in advance.

    • vsdaking

      like it goes through 2 seconds of installation wherein it goes uptill the next reboot.
      I installed the following zip –
      from the link

  • sergiu

    the wifi does not work. what should I do ??

  • oistone

    I cant locate the download ROM file from the official development page,
    help please.

  • oistone

    I can’t locate the download file?

  • Michael

    does it support arabic?

  • http://www.facebook.com/radumihai89 Radu-Dan Mihai

    Untill now,this is the best version of ICS,in my opinion. I`ve tested almost all versions of ICS,and I can say that you wont regret if you install this. Every thing works like a charm.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000067512648 Peter Šebán

    Please I have a question yesterday came out Darkdroid Elite v11.0 # Black Edition is the version as leis …. no lag version. ….. ?? thnx

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      Are you asking about lagfix? That whether lagfix is enabled or not on darkelite?

  • Renato Vicente

    I made more comments if I had to do. But for now this ROM is working perfect on my GT I9000 Galaxy. The only fix is ​​to do facial recognition does not, but I think this will be resolved later problema.Ou with a direct or via Update (CWM)

  • abdulla

    guys plz update ur comments

  • http://www.facebook.com/radumihai89 Radu-Dan Mihai

    More opinions about this version :)

  • Renato Vicente

    This version seems very stable and lightweight. But I detected a bug in face recognition, he just does not work. When there be a correction like to know. Thank you for this wonderful ROM.

  • Rgna

    Is this a stable version? Cause i really got issues with my i9000, it reboots on its own serveral times a day and the wifi or 3g doesnt stay on. i’m really frustated with my phone. i really want a stable version that will make my phone reliable again!