Update AT&T Skyrocket to Jelly Bean with Slim Bean ROM


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  • http://www.facebook.com/brentportal Brent Portal

    Im having trouble, first off the resolution seems to be off and the home button does not work. I have the galaxy s2 sgh i727. The google play store does not work either. HELP!

  • Mike D

    Installed Slim Bean 2.9 with addons upgrades to 2.9 on S2 skyrocket and works great. I think is faster than tge ICS. The few things that I noticed that dont work.perfect are:
    1. When geting a call from a contact that has an assigned ringtone sometimes it doesnt ring that ringtone.
    2. Email app doent refresh by itself. I have same emails as before only getting new ones if I get to that email account it than refreshes. For me this is important to work.
    Maybe this doesn’t work after th upgrade from 2.8. I’ll have to check online

  • Tom

    When trying to use the google search bar I get the
    dreaded “‘unfortunately google search has stopped” message. I tried to “clear data” and “clear cache” in the apps setting page for both google search and google framework, but no luck.

    Any ideas?

    • Tom

      Answering my own question and logging here in case others run into the same.
      1) Delete widget
      2) Delete Google Search app
      3) Download fresh Google Search app from Play Store
      4) Add widget
      5) In app settings, clear all data for Google Search
      6) reboot

      The above steps worked for me! Google Now and search both working.