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Root Motorola Razr

If you are looking to unroot your Motorola Droid Razr (known as Motorola Razr outside of US), here’s some good news for you. The DoomLord’s unroot tool is said to be working fine for Droid Razr, and has been successfully tested by Droidel.

Although the unrooting process is damn simple, it’s very important to know that it’s compatible only with DoomLord’s own root method — and not with any other root method. That is, you should use this unroot tool only if you rooted your droid razr with DoomLord’s toolkit which utilizes zergRush exploit. If you didn’t use the zergRush exploit, simply don’t use this unroot tool if you care about your razr — it can damage your razr completely.

Here’s what DoomLord himself says about the unroot tool to be used with his root tool only:

if u have used any other way/solution for rooting then PLEASE DO NOT RUN THIS… you MIGHT END UP with damaged system…

(thats cause some ppl create symlinks for busybox in /system/bin/ which wipes out stock symlinks to /system/bin/toolbox and breaks/damages system)

For your reference, this is the Droid Razr root tool which uses zergRush exploit for rooting.

[Guide] How to Unroot Droid Razr

  1. On Droid Razr, enable USB Debugging. Go to Settings > Applications > Development > Select the USB Debugging checkbox (Accept the pop-up warning).
  2. Enable Unknown Sources too. Go to to Settings > Applications > Select the Unknown Sources checkbox (accept the pop-up warning)
  3. Connect your Droid Razr to pc. Le tit charge only — do NOT mount it as USB.
  4. Download the “DooMLoRD_v1_UNROOTING.zip” file from here.
  5. Extract it to a folder and from there, run the “RUNME-UNROOT.bat” file.
  6. The unrooting process would begin, relax and let it finish.
  7. Once done, your phone will be unrooted!
  8. [Optional] Donate the developer of this unroot tool, DoomLord.

Share your thoughts — and questions, if any — in comments below. Enjoy!

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8 Responses

  1. Damn that cursor on the image

  2. Andrew Tsukuda says:

    Thank you, I couldnt unroot using the adb shell so this helped me out a lot

  3. Didn’t work for me. It said it did but, rebooted to CWM recovery still have root.I guess I ll send it back rooted, needed to swap out my phone.

  4. Papa Smurf says:

    Im connected with USB but all I get to is “WAITING ON DEVICE” *daemon started successfully*

  5. Musicbrio says:

    Will this work on ATRIX 2?

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