Unlocked Verizon Galaxy S3 Developer Edition Price: $599 for 16 GB variant


The bootloader unlocked Verizon Galaxy S3 Developer Edition is now available for purchase from Samsung, atĀ $599 for the 16 GB variant and $650 for the 32 GB variant. The developer edition is mainly for those who love to tinker around on their Android smartphone, though with the bootloader already unofficially unlocked on the locked Verizon Galaxy S3, I’m not sure we’ll see many takers.

The specs of the device remain the same as before, though for now it seems only the Pebble Blue variant is available. Samsung and Verizon probably didn’t find the device worth enough to spend time on painting it in Marble White, and frankly, there’s lots more you can do with those $599, like buying a Galaxy Nexus outright as well as the normal edition of the Verizon Galaxy S3 (and unlock it with the bootloader hack).

OrderĀ Verizon Galaxy S3 Developer Edition

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