Unlocked and Contract-Free Galaxy Nexus Available in Play Store for just $399!

Galaxy Nexus on Play Store

If you’re in the US and have been looking to get your hands on an unlocked, contract-free Galaxy Nexus to enjoy that pure Android experience, Google has heard your wishes. The Galaxy Nexus has gone on sale in Google’s Play Store (formerly Android Market) for a cool $399. That’s right! You can get a fully unlocked, carrier-free GSM Galaxy Nexus for just $399.

Considering the unlocked, contract-free Galaxy Nexus once sold for a very high $799, this is a great offer that shouldn’t be missed. Not everyone will be able to reap the benefits though, as Google has limited the offer to those in the US only, with a maximum of 5 orders allowed per person. All orders will be shipped in a day or two after payment confirmation and sent via UPS 2nd Day.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Play Store to order your Galaxy Nexus now, unlocked and ready to be used with any carrier your heart desires. And for those not in the US, calling your relatives residing there would not be a bad idea right now.

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