Unlock Galaxy Nexus Bootloader [How-To]


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  • GranPaSmurf

    followed all the steps, open the command prompt, have phone in fastboot attached by usb cable:
    after typing ‘fastboot devices’ I have this message:

    C:UsersGranPaSmurfDownloadsFastBoot_Win7_64_104>fastboot devices
    ‘fastboot’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    C:UsersGranPaSmurfDownloadsFastBoot_Win7_64_104>fastboot oem unlock
    ‘fastboot’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.


  • Manuela Liriano

    :( it deleted everything… T_T

  • Uday

    it doesnt recognise may galaxy nexus.. it keeps saying waiting for devices…

    • http://twitter.com/krazyhugo Krazyhugo

      Still waiting or an answer to that…

  • Anonymous

    I get into the bootloader via “adb reboot bootloader” but “fastboot devices” never shows anything and the phone never responds to the oem unlock command.

    • Sheela

      This helped me :), thank you.

  • Josh7234

    i always get hung up with the cmd prompt i hold shift in the folder and i see no option to open up any command prompt

  • axdenied

    What is the advantage of unlocking the bootloader ? Can I use the phone with another carrier ? Thanks.

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Shivam

      No, the purpose of unlocking the bootloader is to install custom firmwares, recovery and mods.

  • Dave

    i get still get an Android 1.0 in the device tree. My pc cant communicate with the phone, please help 

    • http://profiles.google.com/jocke.anell Joakim Anell

      I have created the drivers for  Galaxy Nexus Fastboot Mode  (Android 1.0)

      • Massimiliano

        I’m sorry for the question but I am facing the same problem: uknown device (not even android 1.0…just that) how can we install the drivers???

        • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Shivam

          Installing google usb driver from SDK manager didn’t helped?

      • shr1k3r

        Thank you! that helped so much!!

      • TechnoT

        Wow thanks a million!!!!!

      • Ma3

        Thanks lot lot lot, it help me lot :)

  • drdino

    I can’t seem to install the drivers for adb, still get an Android 1.0 in the device tree. 

  • david

    I do not see a setup program in Samsung_drivers.zip

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Shivam

      I’ve re-uploaded the drivers file. Thanks for notifying :)

      • No

         thank you Shivam!