Warranty Safe Root for KNOX-installed Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note 3, Note 2 and other Samsung devices


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  • Chrisbabyluv Scrabydu

    i pray this works cos my phone has never been rooted before, after it fell into water it started the bootloop, never going past d samsung logo, i too it to a phone repair shop and the water was dried but it still won’t boot up, it just stops at the samsung logo and reboots again…i have tried all firmware i could lay my hands on but still no luck…
    i would appreciate any help or advice on this issue.
    Phone:- Samsung S4 mini duos I9192

    kingsley (scrabydudu@gmail.com)

  • NaldoR

    Thanks helped alot.

  • Abdelilah A. Abdelrahim

    can you explain further part 3.3?

    ”Connect your phone to PC and Copy the file (root_de_la_vega.sh) and folder (root_files) to the root of internal SD card on your device
    └ It’s very important that you transfer the file and folder to the root on your device’s internal SD card.”

    am i going to make a folder in my internal sd card and put the file and the folder there?

  • Julian Turner

    The download links are broken but they are for an old 0.2 version anyway. The instructions don’t work for the latest version 0.5. There’s a URDLV.sh but no batch file. Can we get an updated guide?

  • Terminal23

    download links are dead!!

  • galaxys4useron4point3

    Will this trigger the knox warranty void flag?

  • neuroben

    works! for samsung galaxy note 10.1 sm p605 2014 edition

  • lewis

    how long does it take to complete the Hex Editing System Imag… the cmd screen seems to remain frozen at this stage

    • Anina

      I have the same problem. Did you ever figure out how to proceed?

  • Worried

    Does this tool send my IMEI and other staff to a server in China?

  • A

    the hotfile where the firmware is hosted keeps going in a loop, cannot download the firmware

  • Michaeli Finch

    Links no longer work.

  • cL0h

    I used this together with the original thread to get this working. Worked great . Thank you!!!

  • adriencardoso

    Well, just did it on ZTO-I9505VJUEMJ6-20131031144948 and now Knox is 0x1 (Y)

    it’s flashfest then I guess..

  • Simer

    I always get this error in the command prompt:

    Extracting Tar…
    Hex Editing System Image…
    Checking System Image Hook…
    System Image Successfully Hooked
    Creating Odin Flashable Tar…

    /usr/bin/tar: value 4294967295 out of uid_t range 0..2097151
    /usr/bin/tar: value 4294967295 out of uid_t range 0..2097151
    /usr/bin/tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

    • Simer

      On N900W8VLUBMJ4 Rogers

  • john

    my knox triggered hmmm im on mj5..nice

  • Jason

    UGH! No matter what i do or which method i try.. every time i use any version of Odin i get… NAND write start!…FAIL (AUTH).. i follow every instruction to the T. including usb debugging

  • Cory

    Bell Canada N900W8VLUBMJ1 does not work

  • John Everett Carter

    This method does work, but not with MJ7 — not directly or by itself, anyway. This method from xda-developers does work –> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2504408 <– I did it this morning, and my vzw s4 is now running fully rooted MJ7. The process does involve this method, but it is a little more complicated — and if you have already taken the MJ7 OTA, you're screwed (for now, anyway).

  • David

    I confirm that this does not work with Verizon Galaxy S4 build MJ7

    • John Everett Carter

      David, see my comment above. If you have already taken the OTA, though, you’re out of luck until the devs figure out another way.

  • David

    Can you install safestrap after you gain root?

  • Fubecão

    Anyone had the guts to try this and had it work?

    • k1mu

      Yes, I tried it. Verizon Galaxy S4 running MJ7.
      “Secure check fail” after the system partition completes flashing, so apparently this does not work.
      I tried four times, rebuilding twice. Using the stock .tar.md5 recovered.

      • Random helpful guy

        If your stuck trying to restore try using the kies update utility, it worked for me.