UK Kindle Fire HD Price revealed, you gotta pay £10 to get it ad-free

Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire HD has already hit the US market almost a year ago, but is now set to grace English shores in roughly a couple of weeks.

The Kindle Fire HD is a 7″ device which offers an easy way to tap into the Amazon ecosystem through a spectacular 720p display, Custom Dolby Audio, a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor with PowerVR 3D Graphics Core, and of course, access to the Amazon library of content, made it a star contender in a tablet world dominated by high-end Android players like Samsung and Asus and the stolid presence of the Apple iPad/s including the forthcoming iPad mini.

The £159 is a solid price point for such a capable device, but for a wee catch. For those of you who have not read between the lines, there is a discrete term Amazon uses called “With Special Offers” which in layman’s language means ad-supported. Every time your device gets to the lock-screen mode, you would be welcomed with (pun intended) “Special offers” or ads as commoners like us call them.

An unhindered “special offer”-free experience is possible, albeit at an additional price of £10, which essentially means that you can buy that sanity or privacy or call-it-what-you-may for an additional £10. The Special Offer version is priced at £159, and if you want to enjoy your shiny, new device without the added irritation of offers, special or otherwise, be prepared to shell out those additional 10 pounds.

After all, the best things in life, including privacy and tranquility, are never really for free, are they?

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