UCLC5 Ice Cream Sandwich Update for AT&T Galaxy Note Leaked


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  • Android_CherryPop

    I’m a “die hard” Apple user (currently have two iPhones, 3GS and 4) but I am dead set on making the leap from Apple to Android and the big ? Is, GNote, S3, or 1X?
    Right now, I’m leaning greatly towards the GNote, however, I am curious if I will be able to download the OS that’s included with the S3 onto the GNote… I like the SVoice, and the UI looks kinda “smoother” and more “New” if that makes sense. Would REALLY like some advice from anyone knowledgeable in that area. My fear is that AT&T will release the OS for the GNote but it will be specially designed for the GNote and not include some of the things that I liked with the S3. For example, the water drip lock screen, I’m not a total idiot and while I don’t care if that is a feature on the note I’m curious if it will/could include that feature. If so, then I’m sure it will do some of the other small things as well.

    I have NO CLUE how the Droids work as far as “Jailbreaking” or whatever it is that Droids are called after being modified. All my Apple devices are JB because I HATE not being able to tweak my settings the way I feel is best. I hear that droids are HIGHLY customizable, stock. Is that true?