UCLB3: New Gingerbread 2.3.6 Update for Infuse 4G


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  • frank

    i cant get it to work, i cant even get ODIN to add the phone… any thoughts?

  • Kuzmanov2004

    i am  using  2.3.6   UCLB3  from  AT%T  – on my  phone  samsung Infuse-  i am  total jam,
    phone  freezing – display freezing –  losing connection –  what  i supposed to do ?  help people.
    help please 

  • bekingemanuel15

    Sorry I meant it no longer moves.

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      Launcher settings might be causing this. Check them out. Which launcher (like, Go launcher, ADW, LauncherPro, etc.) are you using?

  • bekingemanuel15

    It worked fine but my wallpaper now long moves when I scroll from home screen to another

  • Googleoid

    Hey there,
    okay so about a week ago I followed this guide and put 2.3.6 onto my phone.
    at first i thought this was a good idea but now i am really regretting it
    first of all i am a rogers customer and the os was a at&t version. 
    Besides that, the phone crashes once and a while for no reason, and everytime i plug any set of headphones into the jack the phone reboots. 
    What i am asking if for suggestions or a guide to return to the original (stock) firmware that i had (2.3.3)?
    Any help would be appriciated!!

    • Al

      I am experiencing the same thing with rebooting with use of headphone jack. Were you ever able to solve the problem?

  • shoobie

    if i install gingerbread can i downgrade back to froyo?

  • Raichiu

     super.. works fine)

  • Wcz

    Oh Yes! Got it updated. Like Shawn said, follow xBURTONx’s instructions if you get stuck on the AT&T logo. Now when I use the the front camera for video skype, nobody looks upside down anymore. THIS IS AWESOME!! Thanks to all you hard working developers and everyone else.

  • Shawn

    Worked Great.  I did get the AT&T Logo loop, but the steps mentioned by xBURTONx worked great.

  • xBURTONx

    Yeah, I installed and did everything that it said to do, Now my phone just keeps redisplaying the ATT rethink possible screen, over and over, and it wont go back into the phone… great……

    • xBURTONx

      UPDATE*** If you find yourself at the screen where your att logo keeps redisplaying over and over. Simply turn your phone off (by popping the battery) and holding the volume up and down buttons, and power. When the bootloader comes up, do a factory wipe, and when its done, the installation will start as normal, and your phone will be fine.