TWRP Recovery for Galaxy S Plus i9001


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  • Mike the bike


    I have installed the twrp v2.2.1 and get the repeated booting into recovery mode fault. The Odin-method doesn’t work as it won’t recognice the phone. I have downloaded the latest drivers for the phone, but that doesn’t change the situation…

    twrp works without any problems. I can install any package on the phone (or so it seems, as I get a succesfull message after the installation.

    In an attempt to solve the problem, I have wiped just about anything that could be wiped. I could imagine my problems are connected with this unsuccesfull action.

  • nathan

    Hey guys . I followed the tutorial so the recovery mode wouldn’t start every time I turned on the phone. It did work but and can use ICS! But when I turn the phone off again, it still goes to the recovery mode and not the OS and have to do the whole procedure again. What should I do?


  • katy

    it work for me, but after it reboot, my phone stuck. please help me

  • Ananas

    FUUU! When i get to the recovery mode i can do all the things but in about 3 minutes the phone reboots by itself. That happens also in Clockworkmod recovery. What should i do? I can’t install any ROMs or anything. Phone reboots when i’m doing things. Phone is Samsung Galaxy S plus with android 2.3.5. TWRP version is

  • Tomáš Dzadík

    Hi all. I have same problem about google apps. I installed it from recovery mode but after reboot they are not in phone…

  • Dee Kai Xian

    i have been flash it into my i9001, but it cant boot into recovery mode, why?
    i have tried all of idea upside already and i duno what happen on my phone.
    but it still can work properly ==

    • sathish

      same problem dude…… any idea to recover the gingerbread version….

  • jari

    Fine, my phone boots in TWRP Recovery every time. Now gonna try to do rhe “What to do if phone keeps booting into recovery after flashing” :).

  • Jamshed

    i tried and installed TWRP afterwards it was booting in TWRP and i did not go through the step mentioned in (my mistake)
    What to do if phone keeps booting into recovery after flashing’
    and went on installing the ICS (Android 4) and Google app and then the phone went off and now is not turning on…..
    Please help…..

    • eduardo

      YoU call that: “I bricked my phone” that means that your phone is a brick and you can’t use is anymore.

  • Diego

    Thanks for this detailed guide! :)

    Just to mention. I am using 64bit Windows Vista. When i start to flash using the x64.exe it throws following error:
    AutoIt Error
    Line 2511 (File “C:UsersxxxDownloadsi9001_Quick_Flasher_v1.4sgsflasher_x64.exe”):
    Error: Variable used without being declared.

    But it works using the x32.exe. If you are having a 64bit System are always able to use the 32bit exe as well ;)

  • Mao

    Thanks a lot man! You saved my day!

  • HSW

    After Installing TWRP on my samsung s plus does not boot it only stays on the TWRP page …. any help will be appreciated

  • ak

    For anyone with problems getting TW Recovery on their phone (in particular if you keep booting into standard e3 recovery after flashing it) JUST USE THE INSTALL VERSION! copy that to your phone and apply it as update with e3 and reboot :D

  • sas

    you saved my life, calender pics and a whole lot of my data. Thankyou man!!!

  • harryyzz

    thanks alott ..i was stuck for like whole night

  • Onali

    Thanks… works awesome

  • Hi Anuj Here.

    Hi Guys,
    Plz reply me about my problem.aftre doing all procedure my phone is not booting into TWRP recovery mode,its booting into standard phone recovery mode(simple mode).plz help me guys becoz I am eagerly w8ing to install this ROM into my galaxy s plus.Plz reply as soon as possible.

  • Hi Anuj Here.

    Hi team,
    some how I have enter into recovery mode but its not showing BACKUP option.There r some options as reboot system now,apply update from sdcard,wipe data/factory reset,wipe cache partition and install fota.
    And down >>>status = 0 <<<..Plz help me ..Waiting for your reply.