Transformer Prime Android 4.2 Update confirmed by Asus


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  • companyemails

    Dear ASUS – I beg you, please, pretty please, include the new Android UI in your update to Android 4.2 for your Transformer range of tablets. If not by default, then please give users the option to enable it, even if it means wiping their current desktop icons and widgets and having to add them once again.

  • RealChange

    Multiuser support was one of the most lacking features on Android and hopefully the TFP will get it. Lets see how they implement it! Unfortunately the poor default e-mail client continues unchanged since inception.

    I’m waiting on Surface Pro next year to finally have a real desktop experience on a tablet with real keyboard when needed. Typing this without using the keyboard is painful. I have the Dell Inspiron Duo from 2010 and it works better with Windows 8 Pro. The RT brings the same frustrations of mobile OSes on tablets as ios and Android do hence the wait for a real OS for web and real software support worth supporting with my wallet.

    I dumped my G2 for a Windows Phone 8 HTC 8X this week and so far I like it. My e-mail isues resolved and web browsing is much better; ios and Android users have commented on how better it was. Their market is just evolving and I jumped in with my G1 4 years ago with little in the market there; Microsoft is looking better for growth. My only regret was losing my real keyboard. If there would have been a better keyboard alternative then I may have been swayed. Or maybe not.

    Time for real chge…