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Touchpad CM9 Nightlies: Get the Updates From Here


A few days ago, we published an article about an Alpha–O version of Cyanogenmod 9 or CM9 for the HP Touchpad. Well, all you HP Touchpad owners, here’s something for you guys to get really excited about.

The Cyanogenmod team has started releasing “nightlies” or daily builds of CM9 for this device. Each nightly includes improvements and tweaks over the previous one, and takes the build one step closer to becoming what is called a “Release Candidate”. In short, receiving nightlies simply means that active development is on, and you should see a stable build coming out in due course of time.

As I type this, there are already 9 nightly builds out, taking CM9 from Alpha-0 to Alpha 0.6. You can download and flash any of these builds exactly the same way you flashed the original Alpha build. For flashing instructions, you can refer to our original article on CM9 for the HP Touchpad, linked above.

To get the latest nightliese, head over to CM9 Nightlies Thread over at XDA where you can also read about what other users are experiencing. Now before you go ahead and flash a nightly build, there are a few points that we would like you to be aware of :

  • Nightlies are constantly evolving. Each nightly build would be different from the other. This also means, that something which was working in one build, may not necessarily work in the next one and vice-versa.
  • Important!!We strongly recommend that you perform a FULL NANDROID BACKUP of your existing stable ROM from within Clockworkmod Recovery, before you go ahead and flash a nightly. That way, you are able to restore your device back to a stable state, if need be. This is extremely important!!
  • These builds are device-specific and meant only and only for the HP Touchpad. Do not attempt to flash them over any other device other than the HP Touchpad, as it may render an incompatible device unusable. You can check your device model in Settings » About Tablet

So go ahead and try out a nightly, and share your excitement with us in comments below.

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