Touch Clockworkmod Recovery for Rogers and AT&T Skyrocket SGH-i727


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  • andyman

    I flashed my i727 with liquid crystal 4.1.1 rom but couldnt access the google play so i decided to restore back to where i had backed up to, i cant restore. it says error while restoring system. any suggestions?

  • Treize

    I can confirm that this works. However, when I press back on the capacitive keys, there is a long delay before it actually goes back one menu. Anyone else experience this?

  • CA Mail

    Hi there
    I tried this. it all went well. But as I did excess the screen with the different options I’m only able to scroll down or up 1 selection, then the screen turns black for a sec. and the selected item is back up on the first. is there a way that i can install the original recovery option (if there was one) or erase the custom one (ClockworkMod)

    • ODSteve

      hey brother its cause its touch

  • GoldenEye4ever

    worked perfectly, thanks a lot :)

  • will

    hey , i have already put the ics leak on my skyrocket, but i didnt use cwm ,i just used the odin method and its working great ,but i now cant install cwm to add roms?i think i need to root the ics but dont know how to do this with the ics leak already installed…i have the…i727ucld2 on myphone now?     help??

    • Kapil

      You can try the above, it should work. Be sure to backup your contacts apps, call logs, sms, etc. first before trying this.

      • will

        thanks ,i will try it , one more question, is this file ( clockwork-touch- hurcules.tar) will this actualy put the clockworkrecovery program on my phone or is it just a file that the program  uses? i think its the program ? and how do i use it to boot into recovery? will it put a new app icon in my phone?  probably a dumb question ….cant help being a new guy at this…thanks

        • Kapil

          It won’t install any app on your device. Every phone has recovery mode installed/enabled and this one is custom version of this which lets you flash roms, create and restore backups, etc. To use it you’ll need to boot your phone into recovery mode. There you’ll have touch version of clockworkmod recovery, which is what I also have on my Galaxy S2, and Galaxy Nexus.

          To boot skyrocket in recovery mode, first power off, then hold Volume Down + Volume Up + Power keys together until phone and vibrates and gets you into recovery mode.

  • DJ Redicc

    Do you need a pc for this???? or will osx lion work?

  • androiderly

    Recovery does not work on my Skyrocket.  Everything else went well, and phone works, just wont let me go to recovery mode with Vol Up + Vol Dwn + Pwr…just vibrates continually.  I tried starting over with same result. Am I missing something?

    • Kapil

      You don’t have to use Power button. With Volume Up and Down pressed, connect the USB cable (which is already connected to PC). That will get you to options screen, where you select the download mode by pressing Volume Up.

      Let me know.

      • Alexander Spagnoli

        That’s for download mode, not recovery mode.  I’m having the same problem and it’s not just my phone because it has happened with 2 separate phones.  I have followed the instructions but it just won’t accept the recovery download.

        • ninja warrior

          1. You have to shut down your phone 2. Hold volume up + volume down + power . 3 as son as you feel a vibration let go of the power but still hold volume up and down

  • solomonsright

    I don’t agree with Androidsoul promoting the work of one dev’s free method to get around paying for the work of another Dev!