Top 13 Funny Android Apps!

Top 13 Funny Android Apps

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Looking to download applications for your android phone? Well, we’ve got some funny apps for you right here. They’re all available in the android market for FREE to download and are the best ones out there to amuse you. Go, have a bite!

1. Funny Facts Free 8000+

All the craziest and funniest facts out there in the best app of this kind, biggest archive of intersting facts out there. Find out more about the human body, nature, science, celebrities, world records, strange laws, and many more! With over 8000 facts to go through.

Install Funny Facts Free 8000+

2. FatBooth

What would you look like with a “few” extra pounds? And what about your friends?
Find out with FatBooth for Android, a fun way to instantly supersize faces on your Android device.

Install FatBooth

3. Cheezburger Sites – LOL Images

Funny images from the Cheezburger Network… The most popular Cheezburger site viewer

Install Cheezburger Sites – LOL Images

4. Funny Jokes

Have a laugh at thousands of funny jokes, and add your own. Send jokes via SMS, text message, Twitter or Facebook, and add your own funny comment on jokes.

Install Funny Jokes

5. The Moron Test

Graduate from Moron to Genius as you tap and twist your way through Section 2 of the hit game, The Moron Test! Master the game, then laugh as your friends and family struggle with these seemingly simple puzzles!

Install The Moron Test

6. Psychological Test For Fun!!

Lots of simple Psychological Tests For Fun!!!!

Install Psychological Test For Fun!!

7. Talking Tom Cat Free

Tom is your pet cat, that responds to your touch and repeats everything you say. He is especially fun for children. You can record your own videos of Tom and share them on YouTube & Facebook, send them by email/MMS (text) or save them to SD card.

Install Talking Tom Cat Free

8. LOL Pics (Funny Pictures)

LOL Pics is updated daily with hundreds of new hilarious pics added by users everyday. At LOL Pics, you can rate pics, comment on pics, share them with friends, download them to your phone, and much more.

Install LOL Pics (Funny Pictures)

9. Talking Lily Panda Free

Lily Panda is your friend, like to listen and repeat. Lily has a huge weight, often sitting on the ground asleep… and Lily also repeats everything you say with a funny voice. You can pet him, poke him.

Install Talking Lily Panda Free

10. Funny Camera

Make Awesome Funny Photos with Funny Cams!

Install Funny Camera

11. Funny Status for Facebook LITE

Do your friends like Funny Stuff ツ ? Of course they do! Everyone knows humor is the number one desired thing in relationships. Impress your friends and family with tons of hand picked humorous status updates, text tools, and more!

Install Funny Status for Facebook LITE

12. 18,000 COOL JOKES

Have you ever been in a company through friends and family, telling each other jokes? 18,000 COOL JOKES is an app that will always give you more and more jokes to tell and laugh. And if you just feel like wasting 5 minutes, you can always open 18000 Cool Jokes and put the smile on 🙂

Install 18,000 COOL JOKES

13. Funny Kids Cams

Take pictures with funny kids picture frames.

Install Funny Kids Cams

Do share your favorite funny Android apps in the comments below 🙂

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  1. Kapil says: Reply

    Thanks to everyone for sharing this article!

  2. Joe B says: Reply

    I must nominate The Finger (where you can pick an image of someone flipping the bird from a gallery and MMS it to someone) and Celebrity Handjobs (you pick an image and then the phone vibrates) as two of the funniest apps I have ever seen.

  3. Henry_maddox3rd says: Reply

    this app is so funny, it replicates belching sounds

    1. Kapil says: Reply

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  4. Ryan Ogor says: Reply

    I think Voodoo Your Buddy is one of the funniest apps for android.  You
    get to make anyone you know into your own voodoo doll and stick them
    with pins to hear them scream LOL.  Great for ex girlfriends/boyfriends

  5. Contact Appson says: Reply

    you forgot about Funny Sounds Factory 🙂

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Hey, we didn’t forget it. You didn’t release it then. Lol!

      Anyway, we’ll cover your app shortly 😀

  6. Rytb333 says: Reply

    This new android app is simple but fun and will have you laughing all day long! Check it out

  7. Saerah says: Reply


  8. Andreas says: Reply

    ‘Dancing Wackel Elvis’ fits in this list 😉

  9. jon says: Reply

    this game is very funny and idiotic but i really enjoyed it

  10. VIGNESH JATHAVAR says: Reply

    Amazingly fun!!! “Meme Warehouse”. Has the best collection of the funniest of memes.

  11. Roberto Marchetto says: Reply

    Here are some of the funniest Android apps ever 🙂

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