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Power Scheduler

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  • 1.Silence Schedule
  • 2.SMS Scheduler
  • 3.Power Scheduler
  • 4.Status Scheduler

Since there is no one word to describe the bunch of apps I have for you today, I will just say that these apps will help you to schedule things like SMS, Sounds, Email etc. Go ahead and have a look:

Silence Schedule

Silence Scheduler 2

The question of when a phone should ring and when it should not has been answered by this application. Using Silence Schedule you can choose the intervals during which your phone will automatically go to silence mode and then also revert back at the end of interval. It has auto repeat too, so just schedule the time and it will never ring at the time of your school.

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SMS Scheduler

SMS Scheduler 1 SMS Scheduler 2

All the devices have reminder settings so that you don’t forget the birthdays but this application goes a step more. SMS Scheduler wont just remember all the important dates for you but also send a message incase you forgot. All you need to do is select recipients from contacts or simply type there number and it will never forget to send a SMS even if you do. At the same time it will also trigger a status bar notification and that message will also be added to SMS conversation thread. This app also gives the option of choosing multiple recipients and flexible scheduling system .This app surely takes the cake.

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Power Scheduler

Power Scheduler 1 Power Scheduler 2

With the help of Power Scheduler you can choose when Wi-Fi, Data, Bluetooth and Airplane Mode of your device shall turn off or turn on. It also gives you the option of scheduling the brightness of the phone according to the time and hence helps you in saving battery life too.

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Status Scheduler

Status Scheduler 1 Status Scheduler 2 Status Scheduler 3

This application helps you to set schedule for Facebook posts and Twitter. Status schedule will allow you to schedule your posts from the “me” option available and you can check, edit, schedules from the schedule option.

Here’s a quote from the developer:

Check out these steps b4 you get started,

1. Add your account in ‘accounts’ screen
2. Schedule your posts or tweets from ‘me’
3. Check the schedules in ‘schedules’
4. Long press on a item or check the options menu in ‘schedules’ for more options
5. Add it as a home screen WIDGET for easy scheduling

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  1. Take a look at Future Scheduler app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry this will not
    only help you in scheduling text messages but also emails, status update and phone calls.

    Android Market (Google play):

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