The 7 Best Music Apps + 2 Bonus Apps for your Android Device

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Android connects you, informs you, and entertains you. In the world of Android OS every necessity and want is taken care of, hence managing your music is a responsibility of your Android device. Here is a ranked hierarchical roundup of the best music apps in ascending order.

PowerAMP Music Player

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PowerAMP is one hell of a power house music player for your Android. It plays mp3, mp4/m4a (including alac), ogg, wma (some wma pro files may require NEON support), flac, wav, ape, wv, and tta. It gives you a 10 band graphical equalizer for all supported formats, presets and custom presets, a separate Bass and Treble adjustment, ability to play songs from folders and from system media library, a dynamic queue and the amazing ability to download missing album art. In this app you shall find 4 widgets with album art, lock screen (2 widget type) with optional Direct Unlock (to home), headset support and automatic resume on headset connection (which can be disabled). And when all these have captivated you enough, you still get something more— Scrobbling, Tag Editor, Visual Themes, Fast Folders scan, and amazingly high levels of customization via settings. But there’s one thing that might bother you a bit; this amazing music player comes as a 15 days trial version, which means you will have to buy it. The full version will cost you $ 4.99 (Rs. 225 approx), but what this player’s worth — I believe this amount can be overlooked.

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A complete music solution for your Android (Android 2.1 and above) device with music management and synchronization ability with your desktop Winamp (Winamp 5.6 required for sync). SHOUTcast allows you access to plethora of internet radio choices and also allows you to import iTunes library. Your Android Winamp offers you cool options, viz. Download and stream free music, now playing, and home screen and lock-screen player redesign, additional artist info including news, album art gesturing for track change, browse by genre, integrated with Android’s “listen to” Voice Actions, and SHOUTcast 2.2 and above. The other features of this amazing app are lock-screen player, widget player, playlist shortcuts, play queue management, persistent player controls, and scobbling. With so much on offer you would definitely want to have in your Android mobile device.

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Android Market brings to you the most elegant music player for your Android device. Songbird allows you easy browsing of you collection, and smooth and highly accessible playback control. It offers you a unique ‘now playing’ drawer which gives you quick access to album art and additional details, including integrated Facebook and Flickr. This player has a clean interface with the amazing now playing drawer, matching widget with album art, Flickr photo-stream of artist images, Facebook ‘like’ integration, playlist creation and editing options, set track as ringtone, headset supported (wired or Bluetooth™ enabled), audio scribbler support, full featured search and brilliant music browse and playback control at your finger tips.

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Lithium Music Player

Lithium Music Player is a unique animated and customizable music player with a uniquely simple user interface, style and usability. This music player comes with 4 widgets, animated UI, customizable colours, crossfader, gapless playback, download cover artwork, and folder playback. This app can be stored on your SD card which means no more threat to your phone’s internal memory. Choosing between Genres, Albums, Artists, etc is doen with an easy swipe interface. The most exciting thing is its UI – which looks futuristic.

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TuneWiki Social Media Player

TuneWiki brings to you the experience of music and social networking together. This is a social media layer where you can listen to songs and see their lyrics synced with the song. It shows you music videos and lets you stream songs through SHOUTcast™ radio. TuneWiki gives you access to more than 2.5 million songs and in 40+ language options. It also offers features like Playback Widget, Facebook and Twitter integration and a top 50 charts. Social networking was never this intune.

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Zimly Media Player

Zimly Media Player

Zimly Media Player is another one of the best free media player for your Android device. The User Interface is gorgeous and playback controls are very neat. Zim(p)ly Cool!

Here’s the developers quote:

Zimly was designed and crafted for your Android device. Zimly is an easy to use, feature rich media player, wrapped in a beautiful custom interface. The idea for Zimly was born out of a need for a better media experience on these devices we love. We toil night and day to make sure that Zimly delivers on that promise to you.

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MixZing Media Player


If you are seeking the most advanced free media player around, your search ends here. MixZing media player is the reply to your undying search for the best free media player for your mobile device, and when you’re on Android, always expect something great coming your way. This media player has an endless list of brilliant features. It identifies your songs even when they are without a valid tag and helps you clean up their tags and album art, the Mood Player customizes your listening session, viz. Pandora for music, it packs an amazing graphic equalizer for mp3, aac/mp4, and off files.

MixZing has a folder browser option which lets you access your media collection by storage folders, a tag editor for most types of files, spot-on recommendations to discover new music, lock-screen widget to control player while phone is locked, home screen widgets with album art, batch playlist editing, genre and video browsing, and automatic downloading of missing album arts…

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Bonus Applications

TuneIn Radio



TuneIn radio allows you to listen to live radio stations of your choice, DJs & programs and find new ones on local, global and internet radio. Over 40K channels of music, sports, news, podcasts and national networks like BBC, NPR, SWR, are ready included. TuneIn is powered by RadioTime and ia an Ad supported app.

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Sleep Timer

How many times has it happened that you have fallen asleep listening to that nice soul soothing song? Sleep Timer helps you turn off the music once you’re tucked in and counting sheep. Sleep timer will fade out and turn the music off, it supports many different players. Moreover, it not only stops music, it can turns off other applications that might be running (You can customize!). It also turns off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. However, the most notable thing here is that with Froyo (Android 2.2) and higher it manages to ‘pause’ the music, but cannot turn the application off. Still, this app is a brilliant revelation, which saves you precious power of your battery, and is worth having installed on your device.

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If it is Music + Smartphone + World of information + Life saviour + Everything else that peps up your life and makes it easy to live at the same time, it has to be Android.

We are coming up with various roundups everyday, which would enhance your experience with Androids. The world of Android is immense and we are charting it every moment.

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