The T-Mobile Nexus 4 won’t support Wi-Fi calling, one more +1 for unlocked Nexus 4


T-Mobile’s pricing for the Nexus 4, at $200 on contract, and $500 outright, might have already gotten customers to seriously consider getting Google’s newest flagship smartphone from Google Play direct at $349 unlocked. To add to the steep pricing, T-Mobile has now dropped another bomb stating that the T-Mobile Nexus 4 will not support one of its best features- WiFi calling.

T-Mobile has a unique service which lets you make regular phone calls using a WiFi network, rather than use the cellular network. This is particularly useful if you are in a zone where coverage is erratic, and you have an important call to make. And plus, you don’t get billed for the minutes used while on WiFI. Not having WiFi calling would mean no back-up in low/no cellular voice coverage zones, not to mention battery life and billing benefits. While just the lack of WiFi calling might still not deter customers from not going for the Nexus 4, its absence combined with the comparatively higher price Tmo is charging off-contract, might make the commitment-free unlocked 16GB Nexus 4 from the Google Play for $349 seem a lot more attractive.

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