The Pebble Blue Galaxy S3 is Back, Some European Retailers Have Received its Shipments


The Galaxy S3 was supposed to be launched in two colours — Pebble Blue and Marble White, but the former version was delayed as Samsung noticed irregularities in the metallic blue finish on the back cover. Samsung announced that they would be fixing the problem and making the pebble blue variant available as soon as possible, and lo and behold, the pebble blue Galaxy S3 is now back.

The blue Galaxy S3 is now listed as available on the Dutch branch of Carphone Warehouse, and the retailers¬†Coolblue and Castle Telecom are also reporting that they have it ready in stock. Pre-order customers will be getting the blue variant before anyone else. However, it will take time before the required number of Pebble Blue Galaxy S3’s are back in stock as Samsung works on getting them back out of the factories and forward them to retailers.

Did you pre-order the Pebble Blue Galaxy S3 variant or were waiting for it to show up? Or did you already buy the white version instead of waiting? Do let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Just spotted one in a store and it was not blue, check out

    Hint : it’s purple

  2. Al says: Reply

    No way of buying white one. It is uncompareable with blue-one.

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