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  • Having Bootloop with Xposed and Android 5.0 Lollipop on your Sony Xperia Device? Try this fix

    Sony Xperia Z3

    A lot of users have been experiencing bootloops lately after installing Xposed on their Lollipop running Xperia devices, the one thing that all these users have in common is having large number of applications installed on their devices. And according to developers, this is causing many files being left open when booting Lollipop with Xposed, leading to a bootloop. This […]

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  • [Xposed] Get Galaxy S5 like power saving Grayscale display feature on Galaxy NOTE 3 and other Samsung devices

    Manufacturers are finally paying attention to provide in-built power saving features on their smartphones. Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S5, has the Ultra Power Saving Mode which ceases your smartphone to be no more smart and instead makes it that old-school phone that could only call and receive messages and don’t have a color display. However, Samsung kept the […]

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  • Access More Features From Your Android Navigation Bar Using Xtended NavBar Xposed Module

    The On-screen navigation bar controls debuted in the Honeycomb version of  the Android, and are intended to provided more feasible solution to the hardware button durability issues. The Android Navigation bar has not been through any major changes since then, except for the few design changes to suit the modern design norms. However if you’re […]