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  • FYI: You can’t install Xposed on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Nougat firmware

    Samsung has released Android 7.0 Nougat beta firmware to select users who signed up for the Galaxy Beta Program to let users test drive the latest and greatest version of Android on their Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices. And of course, the Nougat beta firmware is also available for download via unofficial sources for anyone with a S7 […]

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  • Google Pixel and Pixel XL Xposed Framework Status

    Although Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL phones are pretty feature packed devices, but there’s no limit to customization on Android devices. And with Xposed framework it only gets interesting. However, if you are hoping to install Xposed on Pixel and Pixel XL devices, then it’s simply possible at this time since Xposed doesn’t yet support Android 7.0 Nougat, […]

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  • How to Install Systemless Xposed on MIUI using Magisk

    Systemless Xposed has been available for a while and is gaining popularity for its easier implementation with systemless rooting methods like SuperSU and Magisk. However, for Xiaomi devices running on MIUI, installing Xposed framework is still a tricky feat. Magisk developer topjohnwu released systemless Xposed for Magisk a while back and it’s by far the easiest way of getting Xposed framework running […]

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  • How to Record Call on CM14, CM13, CM12 and CM11 with XCallRecordingSettings Xposed Module

    CyanogenMod ROMs come with call recording feature turned off by default, but if it’s legal in your country to record voice calls turning on support call recording on CM ROMs is pretty easier from a simple build.prop edit. However, there’s an even better way than build.prop edit to enable call recording on CM ROMs through XCallRecordingSettings […]

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  • Replace WhatsApp Emojis with Google, iOS, Twemogi (Twitter’s Emoji) and 9 others using this Xposed Module

    Emojis matter a lot on WhatsApp and on any other chat app. It’s truly the only way to express your happy or sad emotions on the chats. So these got to be cute and absolutely perfect for your emotional faces, right? If you feel WhatsApp emojis don’t do enough justice to your expressions, then there’s this Xposed Module by the name […]

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  • How to Install Xposed on Galaxy Note 7

    With TWRP recovery now available for the Galaxy Note 7, installing systemless root and Xposed is a piece of cake. Xposed let’s you customize your device with features that will make your smartphone life a lot fun and easier. There are two ways you can install Xposed on Galaxy Note 7. One is the regular method, which isn’t systemless, interferes with […]

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  • How to Install Xposed without Recovery using Flashfire

    Xposed framework has grown to be one the most loved feature on Android devices with root access. It allows for great customization with some very productive features. Until now if you wanted to install Xposed, you must have a custom recovery like TWRP installed and have root access on the device. But thanks to the FlashFire app by Chainfire, you can now install […]

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  • Enable Fingerprint unlock on Boot with “Fingerprint Enabler” Xposed Module

    With Android 6.0 Marshmallow Google introduced an extra security layer for fingerprint locked devices which required a user to use pattern or pin to unlock device from a reboot, disabling fingerprint unlock on boot. However, we found ourselves less educated to make sense of the new security layer, and we now know we weren’t alone. User 7OH over at xda […]

  • Custom MODs
  • Fix Marshmallow’s Volume Slider Delay on Close with this Xposed module

    If you’ve noticed, the volume sliders on Marshmallow closes after a bit of delay once appeared. This is disturbing for many folks, including us. But thanks goodness we’ve a saviour now — “Volume Slider Delay Fix” Xposed module. Guess developer glauberlima felt the same as most of us do and released this little Xposed module that fixes the volume slider delay on Marshmallow. […]

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  • How to install Xposed on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

    In case you missed it, you can install the supercool Xposed framework utility on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Because Xposed has different files for different devices, depending on ARM and ARM64 architecture in use for a given device, you have to be careful installing Xposed. Moreover, Samsung’s devices have separate Xposed installer file to be flashed […]